Today’s diners want choices, especially when waiting to be seated at their tables. You can improve their dining experience by giving them more options with cell phone paging from JTECH. Simply enter each guest’s number in your cell phone paging system to easily send text messages when their table is ready.

Cell Phone Paging Offers Fast, Flexible Service

With JTECH cell phone paging, your guests have the freedom to wait wherever they choose without going out of range of your paging system. This also reduces congestion at the host station, providing a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Set a new standard for guest paging and give customers the freedom to choose!

  • Reduce walkaways by giving patrons the option to use their cell phones
  • Guests can visit nearby shops and stores at their leisure
  • Table ready alerts show up in guest’s phone as text messages for fast retrieval
  • No additional software required with iStation
cell phone paging

Seamless Integration with Wait List

Cell phone paging easily integrates with our Host Concepts™ Wait List application and provides powerful tools for managing tables, servers and shifts more efficiently. Now you can conveniently contact waiting guests via their cell phones and also manage your guest flow with the same system.

cell phone paging
  • Quote more accurate wait times
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Increase table turns
  • Minimize congestion around
    the reception area
  • Guests can see their wait times and view specials while waiting
  • App automatically updates in real-time to reduce guest wait times

Table Management Has Never Been Easier!

Manage wait times, staff and seating from anywhere in your restaurant with Host Concepts™. Connect cell phone paging to your Table Management App and manage your wait list, customize table layouts, maximize seat utilization, and more!

  • Add guests to the wait list
  • Add or cut servers
  • Create and edit floor plans
  • Change table assignments at any time
  • Update table status
  • Notify guests via their cell phones when their table is ready

cell phone paging