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Curbside Valet can help improve your restaurant’s to-go service!

Promote Your Restaurant’s To-Go Service

Curbside Valet allows restaurants to promote their “To-Go” business by having staff proactively meet to-go customers as they arrive rather than idly viewing a camera monitor.

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Improve Service Wait Time and Customer Experience

Your to-go staff now has the option to proactively greet customers outside or have their order immediately ready, hot and fresh. This completely wireless paging system uses an ultrasonic sensor mounted to each curbside lane, which detects when a vehicle approaches. With a simple page, to-go staff can be alerted that a customer has arrived in the to-go lane and provide prompt and attentive to-go service.

Curbside Valet makes your to-go service more pleasant, improves customer experience and reduces congestion at the to-go station. It’s the tool that your restaurant needs to get your to-go service done right.

Curbside Valet Highlights

  • Easy Set-Up & Monitoring
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Affordable To-Go Solution
  • Reduce In-store Congestion
  • Improve Service Wait Time