JTECH Hospital Paging Systems: the right solution for your patients & your staff

Out of all industries and institutions, hospitals are perhaps most reliant on quick and effective paging, to the point where “paging Dr. So-and-so” has become a cultural cliche.

This is no accident – the pager fills an important need in hospital staff management, and in fact, the device was invented to serve hospitals in the first place, being introduced and widely adopted by hospitals in the New York area as far back as the 1950s. Since then, neither cell phone technology, nor computers, nor smart phones have managed to supplant pagers as the communication method of choice within hospitals: according to one estimate, over 90% of hospitals still rely on pager technology to stay in touch with staff.

This is why we at JTECH continue to develop pagers and paging apps for use in hospitals, and with our latest integrated technological solutions, you can now have a hospital paging system that gives you the flexibility to send messages at the touch of a button to individual pager units, smart phones, or a combination of both. Our systems also include a wide range of customizable apps to help you manage staff, create paging groups, preset messages and much more.

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IntelFlex+ Paging & SMS combined for Patient’s Waiting!

With our IntelFlex+ Wait List App, you can take your hospital paging beyond staff communication, and use it to page patients as well. With this amazing app, you can instantly notify patients in waiting rooms via SMS or text message; if you use our Text Messenger pager units, you can hand one to each patient on the waiting list and send them a notification as soon as the doctor is ready to see them. It’s quick, easy, and cuts down on noise in the waiting room.

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Intelflex hospital paging systems

With the full suite of cross-compatible JTECH hospital paging system solutions, you and your staff can be sure that you will get all the technology that has worked well for you in the past, while keeping abreast with the latest developments in efficiency and smartphone technology at the same time!