JTECH Pharmacy Paging System and wireless messaging solutions improve customer interaction, satisfaction and speed-of-service. Count on JTECH to provide the best value and performance to meet all of your wireless communication needs.

Pharmacy Pagers | Pharmacy Paging System

Pharmacy Paging System

Silently and quickly contact customers to let them know that their script is ready with a JTECH Pharmacy Paging System. Keep pharmacy customers connected and they will  shop while they wait, boosting your revenues. Simple, intuitive and affordable for enhanced efficiency and customer service.

Customer Text Messaging App

You choose! Page or text customers, “Your prescription is ready, please return to the pharmacy counter.” Send the message to the customer’s device of choice. JTECH’s IntelFlex+ Wait List App puts wireless messaging tools at your fingertips.

Pharmacy Paging System_Text Messaging App
  • Instantly and silently page a JTECH pharmacy pager or text message a customer’s cell phone
  • Cut down on long waiting lines and immediately notify customers when their script is ready or a consultation is needed
  • Maintain patient privacy, track arrival and wait times and include notes for special requirements
  • Works with  iPads or computers

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Staff Paging and Messaging App with IntelFlex+ Messenger

  • Instantly and silently page a JTECH alphanumeric pager or text message a staff members cell phone
  • Affordable, easy-to-use and powerful
  • One single interface will run both our Wait List and Staff Messaging App

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Motorola Two-Way Radios

CLP Motorola 2-Way Radio

Two-way radios improve pharmacy staff communication and reduce the noise from overhead paging. Motorola Two-Way Radios are lightweight, compact and are renowned for outstanding voice quality and durability.