Over 25 years ago, JTECH created the very first restaurant paging systems and we continue to revolutionize the industry with our amazing Host Concepts Restaurant App Suite which includes iPad Wait List, Table Management, Reservations, Guest Loyalty and Text Marketing.

Guest Paging Systems

Restaurant Pagers Guest Paging System_JTECH

Seat more guests quickly, turn tables faster and boost revenue with restaurant paging systems for your guests from JTECH. Let your guests know their table is ready immediately, with a vibration, flash, beep or “Your Table is Ready” voice message. Fast Casual restaurants also benefit from JTECH restaurant paging systems.

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Wait List App

Wait List App_Restaurant Pagers_JTECH

Powerful, affordable and intuitive iPad managed wait list app. Instantly text message a guest’s cell phone or page JTECH restaurant pagers. Immediately seat guests with just a few taps! Track arrival and wait times, color the list by priority and more. No contracts and affordable monthly subscription.

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Server Paging Systems

Server Pagers_Waiter Paging_JTECH

Waiters are immediately paged when food is ready, while it’s still hot, eliminating reheats. Get food out of the kitchen faster, increase server efficiency and increase check averages with JTECH server pagers and a server paging system.

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Table Management App

Table Management App_JTECH

Manage any number of tables from an iPad or iPad Mini. Your floor plans provide at-a-glance status of every table. Add or cut servers. Create and edit at the touch of a button. Automatically synchronizes with any number of mobile devices for real-time, always-accurate table status. The only table management app on the market today with HotSchedules integration.

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More Restaurant Tools

Vuze® Table Location

Vuze Table Location

Locate guests anywhere and deliver orders quicker than ever before.

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Two-Way Radios

Motorola 2-Way Radio_Restaurant Headsets_JTECH

Improve restaurant communication with Motorola two-way radios.

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Curbside Valet™

Curbside Valet

Enhance service by proactively meeting “to-go” customers as they arrive.

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Restroom Attendant™

Restroom Attendant

Easily monitor restroom cleanliness while optimizing staff productivity.

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Table Status Alert

Table Status Alert

Streamline restaurant seating and turn tables faster with Table Status Alert

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Reservations App


Easily manage web reservations from your site with our simple yet effective App.

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Guest Loyalty App

Wait List App Suite_Guest Feedback_JTECH

Delight your guests, enhance the wait and get instant guest feedback.

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Text Marketing App

Restaurant Text Messaging_iPad Wait List_Restaurant Guest Pagers

Cost-effectively drive repeat business through marketing promotions.

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Seamless integration for your restaurant applications

JTECH restaurant consultants have over 150 years of combined restaurant and hospitality experience. We understand your business and are here to assist and recommend solutions that will enable your restaurant to achieve stellar results. Our restaurant paging systems are designed to integrate with your systems. MICROS 3700 RES, Aloha® Guest Manager, ConnectSmart® Hostess by QSR Automations®, ESP ProHost, GuestBridge, ReServe® Interactive, HotSchedules and Smart Touch Technology®.