Whether table service or fast casual environments, a JTECH Restaurant Guest Paging System provides the tools to make your restaurant even more successful. Find guests faster, reduce no-shows and walkaways and quickly seat more guests with a JTECH restaurant guest paging system.

Restaurant Guest Paging Systems

Restaurant Guest Paging System_JTECH

Create a calm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere and keep your guests coming back with a JTECH restaurant guest paging system. It’s no secret that JTECH restaurant pagers offer unmatched value and performance. Extremely durable and reliable by design, our CommPass® pager has earned the distinction of being restaurant tough. Simply stated, that’s why it’s the most popular pager on the market today.

GuestCall IQ® Pager Highlights

  • Automatic Pager Programming
  • Ultra-Visible LED
  • User-Replaceable, Rechargeable Batteries
  • Multiple Alerts
  • Customizable Advertising Insert
  • Integrated Table Management
  • Built-In Wait Time Calculator
  • Smart Charging Base

Restaurant Guest Paging System_JTECH GuestCall IQ Pager

JTECH GuestCall IQ Restaurant Guest Pager

CommPass® Pager Highlights

Restaurant Guest Paging System_JTECH CommPass Pager JTECH CommPass Restaurant Guest Pager

  • Contoured design makes the pager easy to hold
  • Multiple Alerts – Vibration, Tone and Flashing Alerts
    • Press Play to Listen
  • Exclusive Voice Messages to Minimize Loss included with every CommPass pager
  • Out of Range Voice Message
    • Press Play to Listen
  • Search Voice Message
    • Press Play to Listen
  • FREE Postage Guaranteed Labels Minimize Loss
  • Large Advertising Space
  • Rapid Charging Technology
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • User Replaceable, Rechargeable Batteries
  • Large and Backlit Numbering

GuestCall® Coaster Pager Highlights

  • Customer-Friendly Paging
  • Anti-Theft Feature
  • Most Reliable Pagers
  • User-Replaceable Batteries
  • Smart Charging
  • Unique System ID
  • Flexible Integration

Restaurant Guest Paging System_JTECH Coaster Pager

Would you like to text your guests?

We’ve got the app for you…our Restaurant Wait List App, part of the Host Concepts App Suite by JTECH. Reduce No-Shows and Walkaways, Quote More Accurate Wait Times and Seat More Guests, More Quickly. Our Host Concepts Wait List Application, let’s you decide…Page or Text your guests from one, easy-to-use, interface.

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