Delight your guests with great food that’s served hot and fast. Keep your customers coming back and increase revenue. JTECH created the first restaurant Server Pagers and Server Paging Systems over 25 years ago. We definitely understand the importance of delighting your customers.

Server Paging System

Server Pagers_Waiter Paging_JTECH

The IntelFlex™ Kitchen Server Paging System is a powerful wireless tool that’s simple to use and set’s up in minutes. Connect cooks to wait staff…with the press of a button. Orders go out fast, while still hot, eliminating reheats. Delight your guests and keep them coming back with JTECH wireless solutions for restaurants.

IntelFlex™ Server Paging System

  • 10, 20, 40 and 60 Button Panels support Multiple Messages
  • Restaurant Tough™ New and Rugged Server Pagers with Durable Metal Clips
  • Server Cancel & Expeditor Modes integrates Servers in Food Pickup Response
  • Unique Continuous Paging Until Cancelled
  • Automated Escalation to Managers of Delayed Pickups Ensuring Performance
  • Expeditor Panel Supports Paging from a 2nd Location
  • Remote Button Supports Paging from Remote Location
  • IP-addressable with Web interface for Simplified Support
  • Durable polycarbonate housing for easy clean up and maintenance
  • Best Restaurant Coverage in the Industry (Adjustable Range 2 Miles or Less)
  • Integrates with JTECH Guest Paging Systems
  • Unique RF System & Channel Identifier with “Clear to Send” Eliminates Interference


Want to maximize seat utilization and balance covers for improved service?

Table Management_iPad Wait List_JTECH

We’ve got the solution…Table Management for Servers and Shifts. Manage any number of tables from an iPad, iPod Touch or Smartphone. Your floor plans provide at-a-glance status of every table. Add or cut servers. Create and edit at the touch of a button. All mobile devices sync for real-time, always accurate table status.  Part of the Spinnaker™ Restaurant App Suite.

Get food out of the kitchen faster, Eliminate Reheats and Increase Check Averages. Your wait staff will be delighted, too!