Delight your guests with great food that’s served hot and fast. Keep your customers coming back and increase revenue. JTECH created the first restaurant Server Pagers and Server Paging Systems over 25 years ago. We definitely understand the importance of delighting your customers.

Server Paging Systems

restaurant serve paging systems servercall

ServerCall® Helps You Spend More Quality Time with Guests

ServerCall helps you win customers and manage your staff more effectively and profitably. With ServerCall, wait staff can spend more quality time with guests, selling more and keeping customers satisfied. Servers handle tables more productively, reducing labor costs. Whether your restaurant is large or small, ServerCall comes with a variety of transmitter and pager choices that fit any budget.

restaurant serve paging systems servercall

ServerCall Highlights

  • All-Page Feature
  • Most Reliable Pagers
  • Manager Button
  • Multiple Pager and Transmitter Choices
  • Unique System ID
  • Flexible Integration
  • User-Replaceable, Rechargeable Batteries

Want to maximize seat utilization and balance covers for improved service?

Table Management_iPad Wait List_JTECH

We’ve got the solution…Table Management for Servers and Shifts. Manage any number of tables from an iPad or iPad Mini. Your floor plans provide at-a-glance status of every table. Add or cut servers. Create and edit at the touch of a button. All mobile devices sync for real-time, always accurate table status. Part of the Host Concepts™ Restaurant App Suite.

Get food out of the kitchen faster, Eliminate Reheats and Increase Check Averages. Your wait staff will be delighted, too!