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Our completely integrated iPad Wait List with Table Management App includes powerful tools for Servers & Shifts. The only table management app on the market today with HotSchedules integration. Intuitive, customized table layouts — all tables at a glance!

Table Management App Highlights:

Table Management App_iPad Wait List_JTECH
  • Assign one of four status conditions with one-tap control for each table
  • Manage any number of tables
  • Label dining areas by name
  • Always accurate table status with Real-Time Auto Sync for all mobile devices
  • Maximize seat utilization
  • Balance covers for better service quality
  • One-Touch Seating
  • Table Assignment

Servers and Shifts

Intuitive and powerful server and shift management with HotSchedules integration. Add or cut servers, create and edit floor plans and switch shifts with one tap.

  • Define sections and assign servers
  • Simplify shift changes and manage server rotation
  • Change table assignments on-the-fly
Table Management_iPad Wait List App_JTECH

Mobile App

Table Management Mobile App_iPad Wait List App_JTECH
  • The app updates in real-time so you’ll definitely experience the value, with iPad Mobile devices. Add guests to the wait list, accurately update table status and notify guests when their table is ready from anywhere in your restaurant.
  • Use iPad’s or iPad Mini’s anywhere you need them in your restaurant.
  • Give your guests access to the see their wait time, customize their preferences, and view specials while waiting.