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Our Restaurant Wait List App Suite includes…our remarkable restaurant iPad Wait List App, Table Management, Reservations, Text Marketing, Guest Loyalty and Guest Feedback.  One single interface runs all of our amazing apps so you can start with one and add as your business needs dictate.

Restaurant Wait List App

Powerful, affordable and intuitive iPad managed restaurant wait list app. Text or Page your guests and let them decide! Quote more accurate wait times, reduce no shows and increase table turns with JTECH’s Restaurant Wait List App. Minimize host stand clutter with the small iPad footprint and send alerts to managers before quoted wait times are missed.

Restaurant Wait List App Suite

Restaurant Wait List App Highlights:

  • Immediately seat guests with just a few taps!
  • Track arrival and wait times
  • Color the list by priority and more
  • Queue reservations and call-aheads into your restaurant wait list app to simplify shift operations
  • Multiple Wait Lists with transfer of guests
  • SMS Welcome Message and integration with JTECH restaurant pagers
  • 2-Way SMS Text Communication
  • Track Guest Preferences
  • Table Number Assignment
  • Guest Priority, Visit History and more…
  • Search by Customer/Party Name
  • No contracts and we’ll have your restaurant wait list app up and running quickly, just in time for the dinner rush!

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Restaurant Wait List Management App

Table Management with Floor Views and Staff Allocation Improve Efficiency

Manage any number of tables from an iPad, with our unparalleled Table Management App. Your floor plans provide at-a-glance status of every table. Add or cut servers. Create and edit at the touch of a button. Automatically synchronizes with any number of mobile devices for real-time, always-accurate table status. The only table management application on the market today with HotSchedules integration.

Table Management App_ iPad Wait List _Restaurant Wait List App Suite

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Table Management Servers and Shifts

Table Management App_Server and Shift Screen
  • Simplify staff management, shift changes and table assignments on-the-fly
  • Improve host and seating efficiency by streamlining manual activities
  • Maximize seat utilization
  • Pre-assign tables in the integrated floor plan in advance and on-the-fly
  • Quote more accurate wait times
  • Balance covers for better service quality

JTECH Table Management Highlights:

  • Easily create layouts for shifts
  • Assign servers to sections
  • Pre-plan next shift
  • Mark servers On/OFF/Cut During Shift
  • Track Server Rotation and Cover Counts
  • Track Time Sat and Table History

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Restaurant Table Management Mobile App

Restaurant Mobile Wait List App

  • Scout tables with any mobile device
  • Use multiple mobile devices, wherever needed, to run your restaurant your way
  • Use a smartphone, iPod Touch or iPad with our restaurant wait list app suite
  • Update table status, add parties or notify guests

Reservations App

Reservations App_Restaurant Wait List App Suite

Easily manage reservations with our simple and effective Reservations App. Create, review or cancel, then seat guests or transfer them to the Wait List. Guests receive an instant text message confirmation after making a reservation and receive a reminder message 24 hours in advance.

Guest Feedback and Loyalty App

Increase Guest Enjoyment, Get Real-Time Actionable Guest Feedback and Boost Repeat Business

Guests can view daily specials and play games including trivia and memory. Guests can even create a profile including email, gender and birthday to support loyalty programs. Managers have access to real-time guest feedback so they can deal with issues as they arise.

Guest Portal for Guest Feedback & Loyalty

  • Real-time, actionable and private guest feedback about their experience with real-time manager access
  • Designed to increase guest enjoyment, enhance the overall experience and drive repeat business
  • Delight guests with customizable trivia games while they wait to create and fun and inviting atmosphere
  • Guests create a profile including email, gender, birthday, and preferences
  • Guests can view specials and promotions
  • Use a QR code or a web link to deliver…the key to delivering these expectations is implementation a unique solution that is fast, reliable and easily managed by all using a QR code or a web link.  Place QR codes on your menus, table tents and website.
  • Complete guest profiles and history at a glance

Restaurant Wait List App_Guest Feedback & Loyalty App

Restaurant Text Marketing App


  • Drive Repeat Customer Visits and Boost Restaurant Revenues with the Restaurant Text Marketing App from JTECH.
  • Kiosk mode supports dedicated tablet devices and existing system tablets in off-peak periods to collect contacts and build your marketing database
  • Password protected administrative panel accessible via web browser to manage your contacts and promotions from anywhere
  • Fully compliant with MMA guidelines for responsible and ethical contact practices
  • Cost-effectively drive repeat business through promotions using our SMS Text Marketing App.

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