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Learn how Restroom Attendant can help improve
your restaurant’s cleanliness.

Boost Business with Clean Restrooms

Maintaining a clean and welcoming environment is essential to engaging your customers. With Restroom Attendant, not only will you engage your customers but you will also impress your customers. Allow operators to manage their restrooms based on the amount of traffic received as opposed to the conventional checklist. Keeping restrooms clean now comes with ease.

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Helps to Maintain a Clean and Productive Environment

Unlike current time based methods where restrooms are checked at the top of every hour regardless of need or traffic in and out of the restroom, Restroom Attendant allows managers to optimize productivity and have restrooms cleaned when it matters the most. If your restaurant has ever experienced the midday or late evening school bus rush, then certainly the conventional method will not suffice during unexpected increased traffic in and out of the restroom. Restroom Attendant makes it simple to manage the process and be more readily prepared to attend to the restroom. After all, a clean restroom makes for a successful business.

Restroom Attendant Highlights

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • User-Control Traffic Solutions
  • Easy to Use
  • Optional Cancellation and Escalation