Wireless Solutions for Retail

A Retail Paging System is a cost-effective, wireless tool that improves the wait for your customers while enabling your associates to focus on their duties.  JTECH supplies the tools that will help make your retail store even more successful.  From wireless retail pagers, to electronic wait lists and staff text messaging apps, we help you to improve operational efficiency.  Keep clients connected and encourage them to shop while they wait.   Quickly and quietly alert a customer when you are ready to service them with either a retail pager or an SMS text message to their phone.  Create an inviting atmosphere, drive repeat visits and increase revenues.

Customer Paging System

Retail Paging System | Retail ShopperPass Pagers

Create an inviting atmosphere encouraging customers to shop and buy more freely with our retail paging system and text messaging app. Silent and immediate customer contact enhances customer satisfaction and improves their shopping experience.

  • Ideal for service counters, mobile phone counters, delis, pharmacies…any environment where customers have to wait
  • Decrease congestion, improve customer satisfaction and increase same store sales

Customer Text Messaging App

Our Wait List App let’s you choose!

  • Instantly Page or Send an SMS Text Message to waiting customers from any iPad or computer
  • Maintain privacy, track arrival and wait times and include notes for special requirements

Keep customers connected and they will shop while they wait, boosting your revenues. Simple, intuitive and affordable wait list app for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Retail Paging System and Wait List App

Staff Paging & Text MessagingApp

Test Messaging App_Text or Page

Improve response times to customer requests, differentiate your retail store from competitors and streamline staff communication with a retail paging system and staff messaging app.

  • Instantly send a text page or SMS text message to one or multiple associates  
  • Accessible from any computer or iPad 

Streamline communication, keep customers happy and operate more efficiently.

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Motorola Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios improve retail staff communication and reduce the noise from overhead paging. Motorola Two-Way Radios are lightweight, compact and are renowned for outstanding voice quality and durability.

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Retail Two-Way Radios_CLS and CLP Series