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Enhance Customer Service, Improve Staff-To-Staff Communication and Boost Sales with Staff Messaging and Customer Messaging Solutions from JTECH.

How you communicate with your customers says a lot about your organization. Show your customers that you really value their business by keeping them connected with frequent updates. Plus, add real-time, discreet, one or two-way staff messaging for improved speed of service. JTECH enables you to positively impact your customer’s waiting experience, improve staff-to-staff communication and increase sales. Whether you choose pagers or SMS Text Messaging to Staff or Customers, or a combination of both, we have a solution that’s right for you.

Customer Paging

Staff Messaging and Customer Messaging for Auto Dealerships

Improve your customers’ experience, while they wait, with JTECH wireless customer pagers.   Send a simple page with a flash, beep or vibration the instant their vehicle is ready or “Your Vehicle is Ready” custom voice message. Eliminate noise from overhead speakers improving the clients experience with your dealership.

IntelFlex Auto Brochure

Customer Wait List App with Paging & Text Messaging

Create additional sales opportunities by enabling customers to visit the showroom, accessory store or lounge for a more relaxing experience. Let your customer choose. Page or send an SMS Text Message to let them know their vehicle has been serviced. Instantly page a customers’ guest pager or text their cell phone to immediately notify them when their vehicle is ready. Track arrival and wait times and include notes for special requirements. The IntelFlex+ Wait ListApp is a powerful, affordable and intuitive solution to manage and streamline customer waiting. Add IntelFlex+ Messenger to send complete alphanumeric text page or SMS text message to sales and service staff.

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Staff Paging & Text Messaging App


JTECH’s IntelFlex+ Messenger App let’s you choose! Send an SMS text message or an alphanumeric page to your sales staff. You can even create groups. Access the app from any computer or iPad and instantly communicate complete messages to your sales staff, service advisors’ and business managers closing the communication loop. At the touch of a button you can send messages to an individual or a group, whether they are using an alphanumeric pager or cell phone. Affordable, intuitive and powerful the IntelFlex+ Messenger enables you to quickly send the right message to the right staff members at the right time.

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2-Way Radios

Two-way radios improve speed of service and close the communication loop from your service department to porters. Motorola two-way radios are lightweight, compact and are renowned for outstanding voice quality and durability.

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Motorola 2-Way Radio