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Restaurant Table Management with Floor Views and Staff Allocation Improve Efficiency

Manage any number of tables from an iPad, iPod Touch or smart phone with our unparalleled Table Management App. Your floor plans provide at-a-glance status of every table. Add or cut servers.  Create and edit at the touch of a button.  Automatically synchronizes with any number of mobile devices for real-time, always-accurate table status. The only table management application on the market today with HotSchedules integration.

Table Management App_iPad Wait List_JTECH
  • Simplify staff management, shift changes and table assignments on-the-fly
  • Improve host and seating efficiency by streamlining manual activities
  • Maximize seat utilization
  • Pre-assign tables in the integrated floor plan in advance and on-the-fly
  • Quote more accurate wait times
  • One-Touch Seating
  • Balance covers for better service quality

JTECH Table Management Highlights:

  • Easily create layouts for shifts
  • Assign servers to sections
  • Pre-plan next shift
  • Mark servers On/OFF/Cut During Shift
  • Track Server Rotation and Cover Counts
  • Track Time Sat and Table History
  • Table assignment

Restaurant Table Management Mobile App

  • Scout restaurant tables with any mobile device
  • Use multiple mobile devices, wherever needed, to run your restaurant your way
  • Update table status, add parties or notify guests from anywhere in your restaurant

Our Spinnaker Restaurant App Suite includes: Wait List, Table Management, Reservations, Text Marketing, Guest Feedback and Loyalty. One single interface runs all of our amazing apps so you can start with one and add as your business needs dictate.

Table Management Mobile App_iPad Wait List_JTECH