At JTECH we realize that one text messaging app doesn’t meet the needs of every industry. So we’ve designed text messaging apps for many industries. From texting guests and customers to keeping staff connected… our text messaging apps do it all.

Wait List App for Healthcare, Retail, Auto Dealers, Churches and more…

JTECH’s Wait List App is a simple, intuitive and affordable wait list for paging or text messaging customers, patients and families in Healthcare, Retail, Hotels & Resorts, Auto Dealerships, Churches and more…

Instantly communicate complete messages to customers, patrons, patients and families waiting. A high tech tool that is simple, powerful and affordable. With a few taps from an iPad or a couple of clicks from a computer, your staff can quickly send the right message to the right customer at the right time.

  • Instantly text message a guest’s cell phone from any iPad or computer or page a JTECH guest pager
  • Immediately notify customers when you are ready to see them
  • Track arrival and wait times and include notes for special requirements

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Wait List Text Messaging App for Healthcare, Retail, Church and more

JTECH’s Messenger App for Healthcare, Retail, Auto Dealers, Church Nursery and more…

iPad_HealthCare Staff Messaging

Immediately communicate with staff by using complete text messages to close the communication loop and improve response times. Our staff text messaging app enables you to do just that. Easy set-up so you can begin using JTECH’s Messenger text app immediately to streamline staff communications.

  • Send messages to an individual or group
  • Pagers or cell phones it doesn’t matter…you choose!
  • Group messaging supports both pagers and cell phones so you can send the same message to different wireless devices
  • Use on computers or iPads for maximum flexibility

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Text Messaging Apps for Restaurants

Restaurant Text Messaging Apps_Wait List App
  • Our Restaurant Wait List App enables you to text or page waiting guests.  You choose!
  • Automatically reconfirm reservations 24-hours in advance via text messaging
  • Text Marketing enables you to deliver text messages to guests to drive repeat business by promoting specials, happy hour, events and more. Guest Opt-in included.

Our Host Concepts includes:  Wait List, Table Management, Reservations, Text Marketing, Guest Feedback and Guest Loyalty. One single interface runs all of our amazing apps so you can start with one and add as your business needs dictate. Your complete restaurant management system.