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Locate guests faster—deliver food fresh and hot.

Searching for guests when delivering food is a frustrating and, ultimately, inefficient venture. The Vuze Table Location System from JTECH helps you deliver food faster and fresher, for a more satisfying customer experience. Once guests order their food, simply hand them a guest tag and the system’s unique active RFID technology does the rest.

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A Table Location System to
Fit Your Needs

With Vuze’ active RFID technology, you can tailor the system for the way that best fits your needs. Easily create delivery zones, eliminating the majority of floor space dedicated for food runners. You can also tailor delivery zones with specific descriptions like Window, Patio, or Booths to speed training and avoid confusion. The system is also expandable with additional tags for table level granularity.

Vuze Table Location System Highlights

  • Easy integration
  • Convenient access
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easy to use
  • Useful reporting
  • Water-resistant guest tags

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Vuze Table Location Reports

Valuable Reporting

With Vuze, you get dynamic reporting to spot volume trends at a glance. Vuze reporting enables managers to understand speed of service performance and take action where needed. View summary information to dive into the details and gain more insight into fluctuations throughout the day. Easily identify peak periods and percentage of delayed orders to recognize and resolve staffing issues.

Flow Management

Vuze tracks all device movements throughout each day. Advanced reports let you analyze and better manage the flow of customers.

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