When the food is ready, the Expediter can instruct the Food Runner to take the order directly to that table instead of having to search for the right guest. This improves our efficiency and ensures the food gets to the table in a timely manner while it is still piping hot. The response to this system has been very positive, and we are now looking to supplement this by researching things like self-ordering kiosks and kitchen display systems. ~FoodChainMagazine.com


Adam Rinella

VP Development, Burger Lounge

Giving guests the ability to add themselves to the waitlist has been a lifesaver during our busy times. We've also noticed a decrease in no-shows with the reservation text reminder.


Chris Jones

General Manager, Parker on Main

I needed a management solution that was simple. HostConcepts has helped me gain control of my guests and staff in one easy place. Our hostesses are able to seat guests quickly optimizing the table turn rate.


Kelly Winter

Operations Manager, Smokies BBQ

Our restaurant is in a prominent location by the soccer stadium. We needed a solution for the long wait on game days. The grease pencil at the host stand was not cutting it. We tried HostConcepts and the guest turn rate improved immediately. We were pleasantly surprised at the robust modules as well -including the ability to text guests and to coordinate operations in the back of the house.


Lisa Lee

Assistant Manager / The Goalie

We were not prepared for the rapid success and growth of our restaurant. When we discovered HostConcepts, we were able to scale as business took off. The integration of our existing pagers with the added ability to text guests was a big plus.


Samantha Sanders

District Manager, The Smiling Bean

The restrooms were always a problem. I have a small staff and when it gets busy, it's the one thing people forget. Replenishing the TP, refilling the soap and checking the general cleanliness is super easy with a scheduled restroom check. Restroom attendant sends a message to our two-way radios when it's time to have a look.


John Smith

Director of Maintenance/ Gigi's Gourmet Mini Mart

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