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Effortlessly optimize your delivery margins.

From refunds to reconciliation, we have you covered.

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You have enough to do!

Addressing delivery chargebacks may not be at the top of your priority list. However, even though each individual chargeback may seem insignificant, the cumulative impact can be surprising.

Restaurant Paperwork

Innacurate Orders.

Omitting items from delivery orders is a frequent error in the restaurant industry. While this mishap can stem from various factors, it poses significant repercussions for both the establishment and the patron.

Fraud Proof your Prep

Chargebacks are Expensive

Running your restaurant is daunting enough without the added burden of contesting chargebacks from delivery service providers. Many managers and owners find themselves stretched too thin, lacking both time and personnel to navigate these challenging situations. We do all the work for you. Deliverify is a no-brainer, win-win...


It's Your Word Against Theirs

In our modern, fast-moving society, offering takeout and delivery services to your customers isn't just an option—it's a necessity. Given that delivery drivers typically are employed by a DSP, their allegiance and oversight are not directly aligned with your business. And really, who's going to notice if a few fries go missing?


Not all Customers are Honest

The adage "The Customer is Always Right" often rings true, but what happens when the customer is pilfering from you? The phenomenon known as Friendly Fraud is becoming a more prevalent issue for businesses that utilize third-party delivery services. A simple phone call to the Delivery Service Provider (DSP) can lead to the customer receiving a full refund, leaving the business owner to bear the cost of the goods without receiving any compensation.

Friendly Fraud is Still Fraud
What WE Record is What Your Customer Should GET!

Our cutting-edge camera captures the accuracy of the packing of each to-go and delivery order. With advanced date and time technology, we offer concrete evidence of the items that have left your premises. The lingering question remains - why should you bear the consequences of someone else's negligence or bad behavoir?


Utilizing camera footage as a valuable training resource, businesses can pinpoint repetitive errors and make necessary corrections to drive cost-efficiency at its core. Footage can even be used as training material.


You are relieved from the burden of having to dispute expensive chargebacks from delivery service providers. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we handle the disputes on your behalf with concrete evidence to support your case.


With chargebacks, not only do you lose the monetary value of the meal, but also the intangible costs associated with processing the order. From paying staff, to maintaining operational costs, the true loss extends beyond just the meal's price tag.

One More Thing
As if that was not enough...
Paige Rhuls, Head Thinker


Unexpected situations may lead your restaurant to be mistakenly marked as closed on various food delivery platforms. This situation can cause a significant drop in sales and revenue, as potential customers, seeking to place orders, might turn to your competitors instead. However, with Deliverify's Always On feature, you'll receive immediate alerts when your status changes, ensuring your customers are always aware that you're open for delivery.



PrepProof's reconciliation dashboard brings together every report from your delivery applications, offering your accounting team seamless access to your eatery's financial dealings. Enhance the speed and precision of reporting, uncover hidden revenue, and unify data across all your Delivery Service Providers. For those operating multiple locations, this tool streamlines coordination throughout your establishments, DSPs, and brands.



Our focus is on mitigating chargebacks stemming from customer-reported inaccuracies or omissions in orders. However, restaurants face additional penalties and fees for a variety of reasons. It's expected that drivers arrive within a predetermined time frame. Unfortunately, to protect their own earnings, drivers may wrongly accuse the restaurant of delays. Deliveryify offers an innovative solution. Not only can we verify the completeness of each order, but we can also authenticate the exact completion time of the order and the precise moment the driver picked it up.

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  • Refund Disputing
  • Integration with Optional Camera Monitoring.
  • Reporting.
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  • Refund Disputing
  • Always On
  • Integration with Optional Camera Monitorning
  • Reconciliation Dashboard
  • Wait Time Validation Second Camera may apply.
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  • Refund Disputing
  • Integration with Optional Camera Monitoring
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