How To Change The GuestCall CommPass Pager Battery

Jul 5, 2017 2:56:16 PM

How To Change The Battery In A GuestCall® CommPass Pager

You will need:

1. One GuestCall® CommPass Pager     2. One Nikel Metal Hydryde Battery     3. Size 0 Screwdriver




Changing the battery in your GuestCall CommPass restaurant pager is easy. Simply follow these three steps:

1. Take a size 0 screwdriver and unscrew the faceplate from the pager. If you have a label, remove it from the inside so you can get to the battery.

2. Pry the old battery out of the pager. Pull the wires close to the tip of the plastic connector to avoid ripping the wires out. Take the new battery and insert it into the same place. The pager should promptly light up when the connection is made. Take special care to fold the wires near the top so the battery does not pop out.

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3. Place your label on top of the pager and secure the plastic cover over it. 

Video: How to Change Your Restaurant Pager's Battery:



Check out our step-by-step video on how to change the rechargeable battery on a GuestCall® Compass Pager. 

Don't forget to clean your pagers once in a while. Clean pagers are better for the overall life of your pager and extends battery life as well.  



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