How To Increase Your Restaurant Revenue With Guest Pagers

Jun 20, 2018 4:36:21 PM

Imagine increasing your revenue via an unlikely solution: Guest Pagers.

Statistics show that guests who are given pagers while waiting for a table during peak hours, order a drink at the bar.   



So how do you increase revenue with pagers?

Let's figure a restaurant busy span of 3 hours. During those 3 hours of high traffic, you have 20 guests waiting to be seated. What if they were handed a pager and invited to have a drink at the bar while they wait? 

If the average drink price is $15.00, this is a $46,000 yearly revenue opportunity. 

Average restaurant busy time: 3 hours

Average number on waitlist: 20 guests

Average cost of drink: $15.00


Additional revenue per night = $300.00

Additional revenue per week (Fri, Sat, Sun) = $900.00

Additional revenue per year = 52 weeks x $900.00 = $46,000.00

Simply by handing your guests a pager and inviting them to wait at the bar, is a clear way to take advantage of the waitlist and significantly increase your revenue. 




Written by Paige