What Your Restroom Says About You

Apr 27, 2017 3:52:14 PM

What’s Your Bathroom's Personality?

You've spent countless hours getting the decor and ambiance in your dining area just right to impress your guests. But what does your restaurant bathroom say about you?

Quirky & Kitsch

banana wallpaper
West Chelsea nightclub in New York features scratch-and-sniff banana wallpaper.

From scratch-and-sniff wallpaper to toilet bowls shaped like mouths, some restaurants go out of their way to give a thematic, quirky vibe for their loo. Quirkiness can be fun and fitting — especially if your restaurant attracts a hipster-type crowd to begin with.

cluttered bathroom

Where's the toilet?

Quirkiness however, can be easy to over-do. Some restaurant bathrooms quickly become cluttered with cuteness. Just make sure guest can navigate the facilities.

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Dark & Ominous

dimly-lit restroom
photo by Caroline Cox

Low-lit, ambient bathrooms may look cool, but are they trustworthy? When restaurants go all out to parlay the romantic lighting into the restroom, you can end up with an “opium den" feel. Shadows may cast doubt on the cleanliness of the toilet seat, sink or floor.

Lighting is a style choice, but when it comes to your bathroom, you may not want it so dimly lit that your guests lose confidence.


 Homey looking bathroom

If you’re the type of restaurant that takes pride in treating guests like family, you may have one of these restrooms. Sharing pictures and news clippings on your walls says you want people to feel included with a personal, home-style feel.

Of course, depending on the décor, it all depends on whose home. Homey restrooms can make guests feel comfortable. But how cozy should one feel in a public restroom?

wash hands sign in restroom

A sign like this is one way to make guests feel like kids visiting their friend's house.

Classy & Elegant

elegant bathroom decor
credit: Ian Erasmus

Does your restaurant have the kind of bathroom people are afraid to mess up? Your elegant bathroom scream perfection and polish. Attention to detail to not elude you. Chances are, your menu (and prices) have the chops to back up your elegant image too.

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Functional & Sterile

stainless steel bathroom

If you run a large restaurant, simple and functional may be your style. Functional restrooms are usually found in airports, malls and schools. Nothing says “I serve large amounts of traffic” like stainless steel and large floor tiles.


messy restroom

Broken stall locks, sticky or wet floors and empty toilet paper rolls and hand soap dispensers are the hallmark of a gross bathroom. No matter what your bathroom personality is, hopefully, this will never be you.

Restrooms are like a public window into the overall cleanliness of your restaurant. People who encounter a dirty restroom will think twice about what comes out of the kitchen and may not even return.

Ask a JTECH expert about Restroom Attendant to make sure your public bathrooms are serviced and stocked regularly.

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April Lentini

Written by April Lentini

Marketing Strategist at JTECH, an HME Company