Why Do Doctors Still Use Pagers?

Mar 30, 2017 5:38:37 PM

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3 Reasons doctors, nurses and other medical staff continue to wear pagers.

Despite the large number of professionals who use smartphones, most medical professionals — especially doctors, continue to wear pagers. Why?

Here are 3 reasons you still see pagers in hospitals:

1. Reliability

Large clinics and hospitals often have spotty cell service. If someone is in the medical supply room on the basement level of a large building there could be no reception at all. Wifi signal and speed is never a guarantee either, especially if it’s being used by several devices.

Doctors can’t afford to miss an urgent call.  

Pagers work on a long-range dedicated frequency and calls are received immediately. So despite the other wireless technologies out there like cell service or internet, pagers seem to have the most reliability.

2. Privacy

Privacy is a large concern in the medical profession. Unlike cell phones, page messages cannot be tracked or forwarded. Therefore, one-way messages are more secure when it comes to relaying information about patient needs.

3. Behavior

Pagers have a social and psychological advantage over phones. When doctors get a page message they tend to notice it more than an SMS message. The call stands out for a particular purpose — not mixed in the noise of other texts.

Other people are more forgiving of someone responding to a pager rather than a cell phone. Let’s say you’re on a dinner date or with a group of people. Checking your pager seems a lot less rude than swiping through your smartphone.  

Technology and social norms will certainly change the healthcare industry soon. But for now, firefighters, EMS vehicles and doctors still heavily rely on their trusty pager.

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April Lentini

Written by April Lentini

Marketing Strategist at JTECH, an HME Company