Why Use A Pre-Recorded Radio Call Button?

Mar 5, 2018 10:30:51 AM

Sometimes the best solutions are the simple ones. And, believe it or not, there is an art to keeping things easy. EasyAssist, the newest wireless call button from JTECH, makes two-way communication clear, effortless and intuitive.


Introducing EasyAssist, JTECH’s Newest Pre-Recorded Call Button.

What Is A Pre-Recorded Radio Call Button?

A recorded radio call button is a pre-recorded two-way radio in the form of a call box. The radio call box is equipped with a highly visible button to activate the message. When your customer presses the button, they are assured with a pre-recorded message that their communication was sent. Meanwhile, your staff’s radio(s) gets instantly notified that someone needs assistance.

By streamlining communication with the push of a button, it's easy for customers  to get immediate assistance. Whether they have their hands full or they’re in a noisy environment, it’s a simple way to say; “Someone will be right with you shortly.”

How It Works:

The EasyAssist radio call box is placed in an accessible location. When someone pushes the button on the radio call box, a notification is sent to an employee’s two-way radio. This let’s the employee know that someone needs assistance. The slow glow on the button lets the user know that their call has been transmitted.

When the user releases the call button, they immediately get a custom, pre-recorded message. The message is super easy to record and you can change it whenever you need.

Who Uses Pre-Recorded Wireless Call Buttons?

There are unlimited uses for a single message radio call button in any industry.  The healthcare and caregiver industries use call buttons in many ways; for example, staff-to-staff communications, visitors to request assistance at a check-in desk or for vendors to alert staff that they are at the delivery dock.

Retail stores also know that customers are inclined to spend by strategically placing call buttons in every fitting room. This way, they can discreetly call for assistance when they want to try a different item or size.

Warehouses and logistic centers use call buttons for various operations. When a staff member needs assistance, they simply press the call button to notify the supervisor and/or designated employee that they are needed.

In the hospitality industry, hotels are known for their 24x7 commitment to guest satisfaction. The use of radio call buttons enables personnel to build customer engagement and loyalty. Whether located in a spa, hotel room or dining facility pre-recorded call buttons assure guests that their needs will be met as soon as possible.

Why Use a Pre-Recorded Call Button?

Radio call buttons provide instant assurance to customers while alerting staff immediately.  The user only needs to press the button and within seconds a person or group is alerted. If your organization relies on two-way radios for your tactical or operational communications, a pre-recorded call button is a useful addition. 

  • Group Communication
    The “one-to-many” group communication (also known as “group call”) is very efficient. One user can talk to one, five, tens, hundreds, thousands of users at the same time.
  • Avoids Repetition
    The receiver  doesn’t need to repeat the same message over and over again if he/she needs to convey to more than one call box user.

  • Hands-Free / Voice Free Communication
    The person using the pre-recorded call button does not need to fiddle with a two-way radio or even speak. If they have their hands full (like a delivery person) or they cannot speak, it’s easy to hit the button to get assistance.

  • Saves Resources
    A radio call button performs group communication using minimum RF channel resources. You only need one channel resource to talk to hundreds of users.  

Keeping communication simple is the key to efficient service and operations. EasyAssist makes it easy for your business to do more in a clear, effortless and intuitive way so your customers and staff will thank you.


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April Lentini

Written by April Lentini

Marketing Strategist at JTECH, an HME Company