Burger Lounge Embraces Guest Location Technology

Sep 25, 2018 3:45:16 PM

Adam Rinella, VP Development,  Burger Lounge Restaurants was interviewed by Food Chain Magazine.  Burger Lounge uses Vuze® in 11 restaurants currently.  Burger Lounge also uses JTECH pagers for counter service in other locations.  

Complementing its food is Burger Lounge’s embracing of new technology, which it accepts is more important than ever. One example of this has been the retrofitting of most of its stores with a table tracking system, called Vuze.

Adam Rinella had this to say about JTECH's Guest Location Technology:

“Guests receive a pager when they place their order in these stores, and when placed on their table, the pager sends a signal back to a screen mounted at the pass-through window that lets the Expeditor know which table the guest is seated,” Adam explains.

“When the food is ready, the Expeditor can instruct the Food Runner to take the order directly to that table instead of having to search for the right guest. This improves our efficiency and ensures the food gets to the table in a timely manner while it is still piping hot. The response to this system has been very positive, and we are now looking to supplement this by researching things like self-ordering kiosks and kitchen display systems.”



Written by Paige

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