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Want to Maximize Table Turnover?

The key to turning tables more quickly is communication. Server paging systems speed up the turnover in restaurants during peak hours. 

Server Pagers Help You:

  • Notify waitstaff instantly
  • Deliver food faster
  • Increase profit
The key to a successful restaurant is efficiency.

Pagers for waitstaff  improve guest satisfaction and speed up table turnover. With a more efficient workflow, you can spend more time helping (and upselling) guests.

Our server pagers are durable and easy-to-use for the kitchen and waitstaff of any busy restaurant. 

Improve Your Workflow


Increase Table Turn Times

Paging systems for your kitchen & waitstaff

Restaurant guests like to be served quickly.  Let your servers spend more time helping guests and less time fumbling around for their orders.  A server paging system makes great service fast and easy!

Restaurant Kitchen Transmitters:

  • Quickly notify managers
  • Message entire staff
  • Send auto reminders