JTECH & Ziosk Provide Manager Alerts To
Drive Guest Loyalty & Speed Table Turns

JTECH Integrates with Ziosk to Provide Real-time Notifications to Restaurant Staff: 

  • Improve Guest Loyalty
  • Speed Table Turns
  • Enhance Your Guests' Experience
  • Manage Tablet Power & Paper Levels

How it Works:

Ziosk Pay-At-the-Table tablets send notifications to JTECH's CloudAlert that instantly notifies your staff via an IStation transmitter and StaffCall IQ pager when action is needed:

  • Ziosk Tablet is Out of Paper
  • Ziosk Tablet Power is Low
  • Poor Guest Survey Received

    JTECH CloudAlert and Ziosk Tablet

    Learn more about JTECH's
    IStation, CloudAlert and StaffCall IQ

    “Restaurants can turn a poor review into a ‘saved customer’ by alerting the Manager while the guest is still in the restaurant. 

    It’s a WIN WIN for the restaurant and the guest!” 


JTECH & Ziosk TabletZiosk

The Ziosk platform benefits for restaurants include: secure payment, operational and labor efficiency, actionable insights  higher sales and increased guest satisfaction.

Ziosk offers a best-in-class solution including pay-at-the table, eclub/loyalty enrollment, ordering, guest survey, dashboards for guests insights and team performance and payment processing services.

Ziosk is Ideal For:

  • Full Service restaurants based in the US
  • Average Unit Volume of  $1.5M; or,
     monthly check count of $3,000 minimum
  • Compatible POS System:
    • Aloha v6.7, 12.3, or 15.1
    • MICROS RES 3700 v5.2 – 5.5
    • POSitouch v5.4 or 6.4

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