Safely Manage Patient Wait And Workflows

As healthcare providers practice social distancing staying connected with patients and on-site and curbside wait list management has become paramount to ensuring patient and staff safety.

SmartCall Messenger for Wait List Management and Two-Way Patient Communications

With SmartCall Messenger your team can easily text patients when it is their turn for care AND receive alerts when the patient arrives for their appointment.

  • Manage your wait list and stay connected with patients with two-way texting and paging.

  • Keep patients and families notified with SmartCall alpha messaging pagers.

  • Ensure staff stays in sync and efficient with SmartCall messaging pagers and Motorola Two-Way Radios.

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JTECH was amazing in getting us up and running with a texting system in one day.  This has allowed us to care for our patients while maintaining a level of social distancing.  It is a work in process, but we could not have done it without them ~ Dr. Matthew Caffrey
SmartCall Messenger 17 v3

Patient Wait List & Text

Manage on/off-site patient wait lists and stay connected with text and pager alerts.
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Patient & Family Paging 

Stay connected with patients and their families with alpha-pagers.
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Motorola Two-Way Radios

Keep your team connected, efficient, and safe so they can provide the best customer care. 
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