Coaster with Battery 1028x1028

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Use the charts below to help you choose what batteries work with your products.

JTECH Guest & Staff Pager Batteries

Pager GCLTD Legacy NON Digital IQ
Pager IQ2008 Cranberry Legacy IQ: Digital
Pager LT2004A HME Legacy Cranberry Alpha belt pager
Pager LT2009B/J2003 Blue Alpha Coaster
Pager J1701 Digital Commpass Pager (Black)
Pager J1705 Digital IQ Pager (Black)
Pager J1707 Digital Coaster Pager (black)
Pager 450307 Legacy Non-digital Rugged Pager




Pager LTK-P1 Pilot (VHF) Legacy Coaster- Grey: Non digital
Pager VUGST Vuze Guest Tag Coaster
Pager LT2008D Cranberry Digital Coaster
Pager LTK-2003 Crystal Call Digital staff belt pager (Silver)
Transmitter LTK-1300HN TableScout- Handheld Transmitter



Rugged Metal Clip at Angle

Digital Rugged Staff Pager

Model: J1703

There are two versions of this pager. To determine the battery you need, you can either open up the pager or look at the Power Input on the  JTECH Label on the back of the pager.

Power Input 250mA uses:



Power Input 600mA uses:


StaffCall IQ Alpha Belt Pager - STFIQ

StaffCall IQ Pager Warehouse_Hires - Square


Motorola CLS ~ CLP ~ DLR Batteries



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