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Paging Systems, Waitlist Apps and Restaurant Pagers


Enhance Guest Experience

Restaurant pagers and table management systems facilitate speedy service.

Find the best paging solution
to meet your needs.

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Streamline Waitlist Management

Easily reach guests and manage your waitlist from a tablet or phone.

Learn more about our waitlist app.

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Improve Staff Efficiency

Allow management and staff to communicate quickly with JTECH staff pagers.

Discover an integrated solution for your staff.

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Pager Systems and Wait List Solutions For All Industries

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant paging solution or you want affordable childcare pagers for your church nursery or daycare, we’ve got you covered.

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Paging Systems and Wait List Apps


Waitlist & Text

Use your smartphone or tablet to text guests, customers and to keep staff connected

Our Host Concepts app offers a scalable solution for managing your restaurant with a single interface. Notify guests, staff and streamline table management.

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JTECH is the industry leader in commercial pagers

Choose from a variety of restaurant pagers, server pagers, patient pagers, church nursery pagers, alphanumeric text pagers and numeric pagers.

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Table Location

Locate guests faster — deliver food fresh and hot

The Vuze Table Location System offers the ultimate customer experience. Once guests place their order, the system’s unique active RFID technology locates them.

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Two-Way Radios

Improve your staff communication with the most popular brand of two-way radios on the market

Our two-way radios are designed for professional use in multiple industries including restaurants, retail stores, churches, hospitals and medical facilities.

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Push Button & Services

Push Button & Service

Integrate our Push Button Paging System to deliver immediate and complete messages

Push button paging systems with wireless call buttons Increase efficiency, enhance service and improve staff communication at the touch of a button.

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