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Guest Pager Systems

JTECH has built the best-selling coaster and alphanumeric pagers since 1971. Our guest paging systems are great for restaurants, hospitality, childcare and more. Find the best pager system for your guest management system.

Choose the paging system that can scale with your business as you grow.

Our pagers' labels can be customized with your
company name or promotional offers or guest instructions.

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GuestCall IQ and Coaster Composite 2024
Healthcare Pagers & Paging Systems

Healthcare Pagers

Our QuietCall® medical pager systems streamline patient care in medical spas, doctor offices, clinics and medical centers.

Choose a scalable pager system that offers the flexibility and features to meet social distancing guidelines and patient flow.  Our pager systems integrate with SmartCall Messenger Waitlist Management, Call Buttons and SMS text to help your team stay connected and speed patient flow. 

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Kitchen & Staff Pagers

Keep your kitchen, servers and management connected with our staff paging system.  Reduce labor costs by optimizing staff efficiency and productivity

When your front-of-house and back-of-house are harmoniously connected your business thrives.  Our pagers provide discreet communications including beep, vibration and alpha-numeric alerts.

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Staff Pagers & Paging Systems

Business Paging Systems

Are you in need of a solution for your business that can cater to both your guests and staff? Look no further! Our team at JTECH specializes in customizing our communication technologies to perfectly fit your needs. And it's not just restaurants and doctor's offices that we work with. Our proven experience spans across various industries such as country clubs, hospitality, warehouses, retail, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and more. Explore our industry-specific pages to discover how our range of JTECH paging, wearable, radio, and software products can revolutionize your business.


Discover the untapped potential of pagers with innovative uses you may not have thought of. Dive into the article and unlock new possibilities for your business.    Read the Article

Pager and Paging System Transmitters

Pager System Transmitters

The capabilities of your transmitter is the engine to your paging system.  Our suite of pager transmitters include direct paging to feature-rich SMS text and integration capable transmitters.  

Choose from our NEO transmitter, ServerCall or the robust IStation pager transmitter that will scale as your business grows.

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