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All-In-One Solution  

● Waitlist with Unlimited Texting
● Call Ahead Seating
● Table & Server Management
● Reservations
● Integrates easily with JTECH paging systems 
● Offline Mode

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HostConcepts® is an all-inclusive solution for restaurant waitlist and table management.

Manage your waitlist, track reservations, and optimize table and server management with ease.  Stay connected to your guests via unlimited text.  Add a JTECH Guest Paging system to ensure you stay connected to all your guests via their preference.  

With HostConcepts, you can easily manage your front of house and provide the best guest experience with the flexibility to choose the features that meet your business' needs.



Guest SMS Texting

Text guests a reservation reminder 24 hours in advance and send texts when their table is ready.

Tap-Ahead™ Seating 

Add a TAP-AHEAD link to your website or mobile app to enable guests to conveniently add themselves to your waitlist.

NRA-web650-Integration-3Reservations & Reserve with Google
Accept reservations on your website and acquire more customers through Reserve with Google booking capabilities (Coming Soon)!

Easily manage your reservations with
at-a-glance auditing of guests seated, wait times, cancellations and more.    

 Table Tracking

Easily update table status and availability to seat guests quickly for an optimal guest experience.

Table Assignment

Quickly assign servers to sections, pre-plan staff shifts, track server rotation and view table history.

HotSchedules Integration

Has the ability to pull in schedules from HotSchedules to quickly view employee work schedules. 

Offline Mode

Ensures you don't lose important information on your waitlist if your restaurant's internet connection is interrupted. Continue to access guest reservations and waitlist to keep things rolling smoothly. 



Admin Reports
  • Table seating time 
  • Turnover rate 
  • Customer rating 
  • Hot Schedules 
  • JTECH onsite Paging System 
  • Reservations 
  • TAP-AHEAD™ Seating  
SMS Texting
  • Send unlimited SMS (only available in North America.  International coming soon.)
  • Supports 2-way text responses
  • Outgoing texts via Wi-fi 
  • Export to .CSV 
  • Store level reports

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  • iPad - latest version

  • Android / Windows Tablets

  • Desktop

Operating Systems
  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • Windows 
Supported Browsers
  • Google Chrome

  • Apple Safari

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Dedicated WiFI
  • Offline Mode
  • American English