Waitlist & Text

All in One Restaurant Waiting List, Text, Reservation and Table Management

Host Stand Chaos?

Is the first impression your guests get one of chaos? Remove the bottleneck of guests and the number of staff needed at your host stand.

Phone Calls Unanswered?

Are you losing business when phone calls go unanswered? Reduce the amount of calls and the staff required to answer them.

Frustrated Guests?

Guests can put themselves on the waitlist and make reservations via your website so they arrive happy.

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With so many choices for front-of-house management...

Why Choose JTECH HostConcepts?

  • →  No Per Cover Fees
  • →  Uncomplicated Replacement for Traditional Manual Processes
  • →  Integrates with JTECH Guest Paging - Giving Customers the Choice and Keeping Guests Nearby
  • →  Complete Front of House Solution with Curbside Module - FIndMe with Arriva

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HostConcept wall waitlist




Integrates with JTECH Pagers

Admin Reports

  • Table seating time 
  • Turnover rate 
  • Customer rating 


  • Hot Schedules 
  • JTECH onsite Paging System 


  • Reservations 
  • TAP-AHEAD™ Seating  

SMS Texting

  • Send unlimited SMS (only available in North America.  International coming soon.)
  • Supports 2-way text responses
  • Outgoing texts via Wi-fi 


  • Export to .CSV 
  • Store level reports


  • iPad - latest version

  • Android / Windows Tablets

  • Desktop

Operating Systems

  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • Windows 

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome

  • Apple Safari

  • Microsoft Edge


  • Dedicated WiFI
  • Offline Mode


  • American English

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