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EasyVu® Guest Locator

Precise Table location technology is helping restaurants provide services and food delivery faster. Happy customers are return customers and that is especially true for the hospitality industry. With the fast-casual dining trend on the rise, restaurants are competing for speed and convenience.

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Virtual Service Kiosk

Not Only Locate the Customer - But Also Know They Need!


VSK Server Bubbles - Sample QR Small

Guests scan a code with a smart phone to pop-up a menu of up to five virtual buttons. Each button can be programmed to send a page to a staff member or open a URL. The receiver of the message will know exactly where to find the customer based on the location of the QR Code.  Each QR Code is unique and can be programmed with individual or identical buttons.

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Vuze Table Locator

Vuze® Guest Location

Vuze® is more accurate than any other table location system because it uses active radio frequency identification (RFID) for detection rather than passive RFID. The Vuze® Table Location System from JTECH is a seamless RFID table tracker ideal for restaurants and hotels.

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