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Motorola DLR Series printer-128


The Motorola DLR series is simple-to-use, lightweight digital two-way radio that with clear, reliable communication. Take your organization to the next level with unique features that will allow your team to quickly and easily communicate. Available in 2 and 6 channels.


If you're an existing customer or need more than 4 radios,  please contact us to place your order. 


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Motorola DLR Radio

6 channel two-way radio from Motorola features 14-hour continuous battery life. The rugged and durable design meets MIL 810, C, D, E, F, G standards.

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Motorola DLR Headsets

From discreet surveillance earpieces to Bluetooth swivel earpieces, speak and listen freely with DLR headsets. Enjoy a minimalist design with the best quality on the market.



Motorola DLR Surveillance Earpiece

This optional single-wire earpiece offers a combined microphone and push-to-talk capabilities. Includes a clear acoustic tube and rubber ear tip for extended wear comfort.

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Motorola Remote Speaker Mic

Remote speaker microphone easily clips onto a shirt or collar, allowing you to speak and listen without having to reach for your radio.


Motorola DLR Accessories

Choose the DLR carrying case or other accessory that fits your needs. From connectivity to carrying cases, shop for the latest two-way radio accessories for your business communications. 

CLS Swivel Belt Clip Holster
CLS Swivel Belt Clip Holster

DLR Swivel Belt Clip Holster

The Motorola swivel belt holster replaces the one that comes standard with DLR series radios. It is made of a poly carbonate material, and includes a swivel-capable belt clip.

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Motorola DLR Chargers & Batteries

The Motorola DLR features long-lasting batteries and convenient chargers for businesses that need to recharge fast and easy.

DLR Series Chargers


12 Pocket Multi-Unit Charger (MUC)

12-Pocket Charger with its sleek design allows you to charge simultaneously up to 12 radios or 6 radiosand 6 batteries.




DLR Single-Unit Charger (SUC)

Single unit charger with its small footprint is ideal for personal use. Charge the battery by itself or while inside the radio.



DLR Series Batteries