Child Care and Church Nursery Pager System

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Virtual Service Kiosk

QR Code Digital Call Buttons

Help your members, parents and staff make your organization run smoothly. QR Codes placed in various locations put 1-5 push buttons in their hands.  Combined with our SmartCall Alert Color Pagers, staff can be paged to the right location with the push of a button. Buttons can also open a URL or phone number.

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Motorola Radios

Two-Way Radios

Keep your team connected and secure with two-way radios.  Always stay in touch even on large campuses.

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FindMe Curbside Text

FindMe with Arriva™

Enable parents and guardians to notify your staff when they arrive curbside so you can greet and bring their child to them while they safely wait in their vehicle.

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Push Button Systems

Discreetly summon an usher, security or medical assistance with the touch of a button. Ideal for security and one-way communication. 

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Parent Paging Starter System

Parent Paging Starter System - 6 Pagers

Great Starter System for Small to Medium ChurchesBuy Now - Parent Paging Starter System


Parent Paging System

Parent Paging System -
10 Pagers

Great Option for Small to Medium Sized Churches.Buy Now Parent Paging System - 10 Pagers

Parent Paging System

Parent Paging System
10 Pagers

Best Choice for Medium to Large Sized Churches.Black and White Rounded Button PNG



LinkWear Wireless Alert Door Monitor

Get an alert when a guest enters the lobby. It's also a great way to monitor restricted areas or storage closets for safety.

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SmartCall Messenger Waitlist & Text

Instantly page a JTECH pager or send a text message to a parent or guardian’s smartphone.

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Alpha-Numeric Pagers

Alpha-Numeric Staff Pager

Use day care staff pagers with the best coverage in the industry for daycare management and staff.

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SmartCall Messenger-1

SmartCall™ Messenger Text App

Notify parents via pager or text message when they are needed. Add notes for staff, view parent wait times and easily integrate your existing JTECH paging system.

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