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Discreet, Personalized Wireless Alert System

Get alerted when a door opens via text or pager. No matter where you are, you can feel secure knowing that you'll be notified. 

Your business is unique. That’s why our wireless alert system is flexible. YOU determine what entry needs a notification and how you want to be alerted. 
Entry Ways
Get alerted when someone walks in any door

Storage Closets / Cabinets
Perfect for medical facilities, schools and retail

Restricted Areas
Discreet notification when someone enters a restricted room or area

Perfect for estimating when maintenance or restocking is needed. 
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Additional Features


Two Contact Options  

wireless alert system
  • Infrared (Entryways with no doors)
  • Dry Contact (works on doors or cabinet
Completely Programmable
Depending on your need, you can program the number of visits required before sending an alert.


Low Profile

Easy to install where it goes unnoticed, the discreet design will not interfere with your décor.

User-Replaceable Batteries

Replace your own batteries to reduce downtime and cost.

Low Battery Alert

Low battery notification provided via pager.

Flexible Integration

Third-party POS and KDS system integration capability.

Manager Pager Included

Comes with it’s own pager or can be programmed to one of our existing pagers.





  • Frequency Range: 450-470 MHZ
  • FCC Identifier: WDC-RESTTX
  • IC Identifier: 7752A-RESTTX
  • Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz


  • AA size x 2 / 3.6V Lithium battery (4,800 mAh)
  • User replaceable
  • Est. 18-24 months
  • Low battery alert sent to pager


  • Format: POCSAG
  • RF Output (Watts): 50 mWatts
  • Deviation: +/-4.5 KHz
  • Modulation Scheme: FSK


  • Maintenance alert sent to multiple pagers
  • Escalation page sent to manager
  • Programmable maintenance alerts based on number of visits

Smart Technology

  • Magnetic door / infrared sensor
  • Customizable visit threshold
  • Visits based on door openings


  • Effective Range: Up to .25 miles
  • Unique System ID eliminates interference
  • Speed / Baud Rate: 512 / 1200

Wireless Alert

Length: 1.26 inches (3.2 cm)

Width: 2.08 inches (5.28 cm)

Height: 3 inches (7.62 cm)

Weight: 0.25 lbs (0.11 k)


StaffCall IQ 17_frnt_restroom-cologo v2

Wireless Alert

Length: 4.25 inches (10.79 cm)

Width: 4.25 inches (10.79 cm)

Height: 0.8 inches (2.03 cm)

Weight: 0.30 lbs (0.17 k)


Staff Pagers



Alpha-Numeric Pager


StaffCall IQ 17_frnt_restroom-cologo v2
StaffCall IQ®


Rugged Pager
Rugged Pager

Need an Expert

Let one of our Customer Success Managers help you build a warehouse, manufacturing or logistics system tailored to your specific needs.  We can provide you with multiple options and a quote with quick shipping and expert 24/7 support.