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QuietCall® and SmartCall™
Healthcare Pagers

You can count on JTECH healthcare pagers for the best performance and durability in the industry.

QuietCall® and SmartCall™ Healthcare Pagers

Choose a scalable medical paging system that grows with your business needs. From simple button call pagers to a more integrated hospital paging system, our healthcare pagers are flexible and designed to grow with your practice.

Maintain a calm and serene atmosphere in your hospital or clinic with our QuietCall® healthcare pagers. Allow your guests to visit the gift store or cafeteria with peace of mind knowing that they won’t miss their appointment.

Our QuietCall® healthcare pagers and SmartCall™ hospital paging systems for medical staff and patients are used by physicians, surgical centers, hospital waiting rooms, eyecare centers, dentist offices and veterinary offices.

Our experts can help you decide which healthcare paging system is right for you.
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Healthcare Pagers

Patient pagers allow families to sit and relax while they wait for admission, procedures or consultations. With healthcare staff pagers, make sure your healthcare staff responds quickly.

Patient Pagers

Healthcare Staff Pagers

Healthcare Push Button & Service Pagers

Healthcare Pager Transmitters

Our transmitters are interchangeable with any of our patient and staff pagers. We offer a variety of healthcare transmitters.

Recommended HealthCare Waitlist, Pager and Text App

Healthcare professionals love our new text-based apps for patient paging in addition to, or as an alternative to patient and staff pagers.