Staff and Server Paging Systems

With a staff communication system your front-of-house and back-of-house are harmoniously connected. 

Staff Communication Labor Shortage Solutions

Work Smarter And Do More With Less

Optimize operations through improved staff communications to serve guests and deliver a great experience. When your team is linked, your business thrives.  

With new health requirements and services such as curbside, take-out and delivery restaurants are left to figure out how to overcome:

  Labor Shortages

  Wage Increases

  Increased Guest Expectations

  Convenience and Delivery Costs

  Enable seamless communication between service segments, servers, hosts, managers and kitchen staff. 

JTECH staff communication systems provide discreet communications including, voice, vibration and alpha-numeric alerts.

Building your communication technology stack is critical to optimizing operations, retaining staff, and generating revenue.   And most important, providing your guests great service.

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...a JTECH System is kind of a no-brainer!


Featured Products


Color Pager All Four - with Sample Messages - 1200x628

SmartCall Alert Paging System

The Newest edition to our industry leading staff notification hardware is the


  • Four Programmable Colors with Associated Messages
  • Clear Four Line Text Messages with Optional Keyboard
  • Beep and Buzz When message is received
  • Excellent Coverage with Minimal Interference



ServerCall 24 with 12 Slot Rugged Charger - Square


ServerCall® is available in 12, 24, 48 and 72 button panels.  Pair it with the Cancel Panel to enable servers to cancel pages from a 2nd location.   Learn More
Staff Rugged Pager System

Rugged Server Pager

Our durable Rugged Pager is built restaurant-tough.  Send messages to one or multiple staff members.  

 Learn More

Alpha-Numeric Manager Pagers

Alpha-Numeric Pager

The alpha-numeric pager sends detailed messages to managers and staff.  Front or side mounted screen for hands free communication. Learn More

StaffCall IQ Staff Pager

StaffCall® IQ Pager

Our alpha-numeric pager features tone or vibe notifications and out-of-range alerts. Ideal for custom or pre-programmed messaging. Learn More

Push For Service Buttons

Coaster Call Buttons

Instantly send up to 3 unique messages to an individual or a group.  Request Assistance with the push of a button. Learn More

1 & 4 Button Call Buttons

1 & 4 Call Buttons

Instantly contact staff with our long range, reliable wireless call buttons. Ideal for quick, high volume, one-way communication.   Learn More

 Staff Communication Solutions


  • Kitchen Staff can call servers when their orders are ready with simple push of a button
  • No longer need runners for labor cost savings


  • Instantly send messages or request assistance to one or multiple staff members. 
  • Alert staff when tasks need to be completed
  • Saves time so Manager can focus on FOH and guests  


  • Request assistance without leaving service area
  • Continue serving customers without interruption


  • Guests request service when needed saving staff time and steps
  • Quickly locate guest's location for accurate food delivery

Curbside Pickup and Delivery
Driver to-Staff 

  • Alerts staff when curbside guests or delivery drivers arrive with order details so they can greet them curbside with the order - in ONE trip. 
  • No longer need dedicated staff to manage waiting curbside guests or delivery drivers.

Need an Expert

Let one of our Customer Success Managers help you build a warehouse, manufacturing or logistics system tailored to your specific needs.  We can provide you with multiple options and a quote with quick shipping and expert 24/7 support.