Staff & Server Communications

Front-of-House and Back-of-House Unite


When your team is linked, your business thrives. With a server paging system for your restaurant, the front-of-house and back-of-house are harmoniously connected. Quickly alert waitstaff, hostesses, managers, kitchen staff, cooks and more.

Whether you need to quickly address  maintenance, food or guest status, staff paging systems streamline the workflow in your bar or restaurant. 

Save on labor and maximize staff and server productivity. With a staff paging system, you can do more with less and everyone's job becomes easier, more efficient and less stressful. 

Bring your team together.

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Connect your team with quick, efficient communication


Unite your team for optimum guest satisfaction and productivity. Use staff and server pagers to run your business efficiently and make your services shine.


Staff & Manager Pagers



StaffCall IQ 17_frnt_restroom-cologo v2


StaffCall® IQ Pager

Our Alpha-Numeric pager features tone or vibe notifications and out-of-range alerts.

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Rugged Pager

Our durable Rugged Pager is built restaurant-tough. The clip-on pager is perfect for large teams.

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Motorola Radios

Designed with productivity in mind, Motorola Two-way Radios offer reliability and durability. 

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AlphaNumeric & Numeric Composite


Alpha-Numeric & Numeric Pagers

The alpha-Numeric pager sends details messages to managers and staff.  The Numeric pager with easy to view top-mounted screen is ideal for hands free communication without having to remove from clip.

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Service Call Button

Instantly send up to 3 unique messages to an individual or a group. 

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Server Pagers


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