Stay Connected For A Great Guest Experience


Maintain guest loyalty and increase sales. Whether you’re in the restaurant, retail or hospitality industry you understand the importance of guest satisfaction.  Make the dining-out or shopping experience more pleasant and efficient. 

With GuestCall® pagers, your guests feel more connected while they wait to be seated or for their turn for service.

Our guest pagers are designed to streamline your front of house operations and guest experience. Choose between three pager models that are scalable as your business grows.  

  • Speed Table Turns
  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Reduce No-shows
  • Increase Revenue 



Click Here to learn how guest pagers can make your business more profitable, speed table turns and reduce no-shows.


GuestCall Coaster Guest Pager

GuestCall® Coaster Pager

With our GuestCall® Coaster Pager, your staff can instantly notify guests with a flash, beep or vibration when their table is ready. 
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GuestCall IQ Guest Pager

GuestCall® IQ Pager

Fully programmable pager with highly visible LED screen. Add your own custom insert.
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Commpass Guest Pager

GuestCall® Commpass Pager

GuestCall® CommPass makes a perfect entry-level guest or client paging system. 
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Our Experts Can Help

Trade in trade upTrade-in any JTECH or competitors' guest pagers, staff pagers, table location system or transmitters and upgrade to a new paging system with the latest integration technology with a 2-year, full system warranty!

  • Upgrade your transmitter for enhanced integration capabilities
  • Trade in your guest paging system for a staff paging system
  • Align your systems with your operational changes