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Tablet - Two Bands - Push Button


Looking for a way to notify your staff that is discreet and efficient? Check out LinkWear. LinkWear is a wearable communication system that gets the right message, to the right person, at the right time on a watch pager! 


VSK Server Bubbles - Sample QR Small

Can your QR Code send a message to a server or manager? The Virtual Service Kiosk Can!

A QR Code - Virtual Button Staff Notification Solution

Your staff will be at your guests' service in the blink of an eye.  Turn tables faster and create a better customer experience.  With up to five customizable virtual push buttons, your customers can call for their server, the manager or a host/hostess.  Buttons can be programmed for specific services such as wine recommendations by a sommelier, attendance to a fireplace, help in a game room/playground or a busser to clean a table. A button can also be programmed to open a URL. Consolidate multiple QR Codes into one simple to use kiosk that can go anywhere traditional push buttons are not practical.


The Five Programmable Buttons that come with each QR Code can be programmed to:

  • Send a Page
  • Open a URL
  • Call a Phone Number
  • Send an Email

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Try Me - Sample VSK

More New Guest and Staff Communication Products:


Restaurant Tough

We already offer the industry leading GuestCall® Restaurant Paging System with the reliable, durable, FCC Licensed Coaster pagers. If your business needs an even more rugged pager, the GuestCall Coaster Extreme is the solution. This new pager is so rugged that we are putting our money where our mouth is and offering an EXTREME WARRANTY. 

  • Rubber Bumper for Shock Absorption
  • Water Resistant Housing
  • Impervious to Chips and Scratches
  • Two Year No Questions Asked Pager Warranty

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Extreme with Avalanche 1200x1200

SmartCall Alert


The SmartCall Alert pager offers the most flexible pager available. Customized background colors and alphanumeric text messages deliver the most efficient notification system for busy, noisy and short-staffed restaurants, bars and breweries.  Use as Guest Paging for extra flexibility and options.

  • Designate colors to different sections or situations such as food pickup, hostess stand, manager requested, etc.
  • Provide guests with specific instructions when their table or order is ready.
  • Combine with push buttons to allow customers to request service or assistance such as restrooms, coat check, valet etc.

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SmartCall Alert with Blue Screen

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Waitlist & Text
and Curbside Management

Manage dine-in guests and carryout orders while easily managing social distancing regulations.
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Social Media - Restaurant

FindMe with Arriva™

Enable your guests to notify your staff when they arrive curbside so you can deliver service while they conveniently wait in their vehicle.

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Restaurant - RED - Three Button - Mgr Dining Room

Push Button Systems

Instantly contact staff with the push of a button when service or assistance is needed.  Ideal for one-way communication needs.

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Vuze Coaster  - Square

Guest & Table Location

Easily locate guests with JTECH's location systems using smart technology that fit your needs.

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restaurant pager

Server Paging

Use server pagers with the best coverage in the industry for staff management.

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Guest Pager Composite - IQ Coaster Alert-1

Guest Paging

Find the best-selling coaster pagers, vibrating pagers or flashing pagers to alert your guests.

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Two-Way Radios

Transform individual workers into highly productive teams connected with Motorola two-way radios.

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Alphanumeric Pager - Manager to Table - Square

Alpha-Numeric Pagers

Send messages for quick & easy communication. 

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Linkwear Wireless Alert - Square

LinkWear Wireless Alert

Use our door alert system to keep track of restroom traffic or simply get alert anytime someone opens an entrance or storage closet.

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Update table status and Increase table turnover with our hand-held table status updater.

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JTECH & Ziosk Composite-1

Provide Real-time Staff Notifications


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