FindMe with Arriva™

Curbside Guest Location System

Many restaurants, healthcare providers and retail businesses are turning to curbside service to meet their customer’s need for convenience and social distancing.

FindMe with Arriva™ enables your guests or patients to notify you when they have arrived so you can deliver service fast and accurately while they conveniently wait in their vehicle.

Your guests or patients simply scan a designated space's QR Code or text a keyword to open the FindMe input screen.  They then complete the customizable input form to provide your team with their information. This triggers an alert to your team's StaffCall IQ pager(s) letting them know that the customer has arrived so they can take action right away.  

Your guests or patients no longer need to wait to be seen by your staff or get out of their vehicle to receive service.  Also, you and your staff are not tied to monitoring a tablet or parking lot for arriving customers.

  • Greet guests and patients upon arrival
  • Keep staff focused on guests vs tablets or parking lots
  • Optimize staff needed to manage curbside services
  • Guests or patients provide the exact information your team needs via the customizable form
  • Easy for guests and patients - no app installation required
  • Deliver orders and service fast and accurately 
  • Quick set up and self-installation

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FindMe_SPOT2 QR Code Demo


Scan QR Code

FindMe - Hand Phone Screen

Text Spot2 to 23045

System Components and Specifications


System Components

Two Input Options

  • QR Code > Customers simply scan to access identifier form

  • Keyword ID > Customers enter a keyword to access identifier form

Up to 4 Customizable Identifiers

  • Name (optional)

  • Phone (required)

  • Any input you need for your business (i.e. vehicle description, order ID, parking spot, seat number etc.)

Multiple Languages

  • All Latin Character Based Languages, i.e. English, Spanish, French


  • US Domestic & Canada: QR & Keyword Input Option

  • Internationally: QR Code Input Option Only

Parking Space Signs - Not Included 


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