SmartCall Messenger

Our waitlist app improves staff efficiency and increases patient and customer satisfaction. Track wait times, manage customer and patient flow and instantly notify patients and customers via text or page.

Ideal for healthcare and doctors offices, SmartCall Messenger is a HIPAA compliant.  Discreetly manage patient flow and send notifications when the doctor or department is ready for them.  

The intuitive interface allows staff to send messages to cell phones and pagers. Run reports to see the number of people waiting along with the average wait time.


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Additional Features

Our waitlist app helps you manage customer and patient workflow.


Welcome Message

Send a default welcome message automatically or create a custom welcome message when the patient or customer enters the system. 


Easily add notes for so staff can stay updated on details discreetly. 

Text Notification

Text patients and customers when it is their turn or welcome them when they enter the waitlist.

Immediate Activation

Get started right away. No set-up needed.


Pager Notification

Easily integrate your paging system for maximum flexibility. 


Visual Interface

Full color, at-a-glance view of wait rotation, wait times and paging history.


Secure Communication 

The SmartCall Messenger web server is a local, HTTPS envirionment for optimal privacy and security.


HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Our app, network, and security follow this standard.



View waitlist volume and average wait time across specific departments on any given day, week or year. Export reports as needed. 




Pagers Supported

Admin Reports

  • How many visits 
  • Wait times 
  • Staff / User on duty
  • Export to .CSV or .XLS

Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox – version 31.0 or higher
  • Internet Explorer – version 10 or higher
  • Opera version 23.0


  • Each department has their own waitlist
  • Add as many departments as needed 
  • Select icon and name for department

Administrative Info

  • Add a company logo
  • Edit Company Info
  • Add/Edit Pagers and Transmitters
  • Add/Edit Departments
  • Add/Edit Preset Messages

Manage Staff Access

  • Add/Edit Users and Passwords
  • Choose specific names or titles for users
  • Manage access permissions by department

SMS Texting

  • Send unlimited SMS to patients or staff
  • Outgoing texts via secure HTTPS 


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Operating Systems

  • Windows 
  • Mac

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox -version 31.0 or higher
  • Opera version 23.0 


  • American English

You can use SmartCall Messenger as a stand-alone text waitlist app. Or, you can integrate the app with our paging systems.

IStation Transmitter

IStation Transmitter


Optional Pagers



SmartCall™ Coaster Pager 


QuietCall® Coaster Pager

SmartCall IQ Pager

SmartCall® IQ Pager 


QuietCall IQ-Pager_18_end_v2-hires

QuietCall IQ® Pager



GuestCall Pagers


Optional Staff / Manager Pagers



Alpha-Numeric Pager


StaffCall IQ 17_frnt_restroom-cologo v2

StaffCall IQ®