Hospitality Systems

Guest Paging

Find the best-selling coaster pagers, vibrating pagers or flashing pagers to alert your guests. Combine with HostConcepts for the ultimate in waitlist, table management and reservations solutions.


  • Speed Table Turns

  • Reduce Wait Times

  • Streamline Front of House

  • Reduce No-shows

  • Increase Revenue

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Guest Pager Composite - IQ Coaster Alert EasyVu

ServerCall 24 with 12 Slot Rugged Charger - Square

Staff and Server Paging

Use server pagers with the best coverage in the industry for hospitality management and staff.  We can help navigate labor shortages and evolving business models.

With new health requirements and services such as curbside, take-out and delivery restaurants are left to figure out how to overcome:

  • Labor Shortages

  • Wage Increases

  • Increased Guest Expectations

  • Convenience and Delivery Costs

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Waitlist and Text Software

JTECH Software Solutions


FREE Trial!  Manage your waitlist, track reservations, and optimize table and server management with ease.  Stay connected to your guests via unlimited text.  Add a JTECH Guest Paging system to ensure you stay connected to all your guests via their preference. .

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FindMe with Arriva™

Enable your guests to notify your staff when they arrive curbside so you can deliver service while they conveniently wait in their vehicle.

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SmartCall Messenger

Our wait list management app enables staff to easily text and page guests when their table or service provider is ready.

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Restaurant - Blue - Three Button - Mgr Kitchen

Push Button Systems

Instantly contact staff with the push of a button when service or assistance is needed.  Ideal for one-way communication needs.

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Vuze Coaster  - Square

Guest & Table Location

Easily locate guests with smart technology to deliver an exceptional guest experience.

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Two-Way Radios

Transform individual workers into highly productive teams by connecting them with Motorola business class two-way radios.

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Need an Expert

Whether you are a five room inn, country club or cruise ship with thousands of passengers we have you covered.  JTECH is the industry leader in quality, range and customer service.  Exceed your guests expectations by making sure your staff is equipped with the most dependable and effective communication equipment.

Let one of our Customer Success Managers help you build a customer service technology solution tailored to your specific needs.  We can provide you with multiple options and a quote with quick shipping and expert 24/7 support.