Guest Pagers

Find the best-selling coaster pagers, vibrating pagers or flashing pagers to alert your guests.

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Staff Pagers

Use server pagers with the best coverage in the industry for hospitality management and staff.

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StaffCall IQ 17_frnt_restroom-cologo v2

StaffCall® IQ Pager

Our Alpha-Numeric pager features tone or vibe notifications and out-of-range alerts.

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SmartCall Messenger

Our wait list management app enables staff to easily text and page guests when their table or service provider is ready.

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Guest & Table Location

Easily locate guests with smart technology to deliver an exceptional guest experience.

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LinkWear Wireless Alert

Get an alert when a guest enters a facility. It's also a great way to monitor restricted areas or storage closets. 

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Curbside Valet

Mount a smart sensor to your curbside lane to alert staff and ensure carry-out hospitalitys get attentive service.

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Update table status and Increase table turnover with our hand-held table status alert pager.

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Two-Way Radios

Transform individual workers into highly productive teams by connecting them with Motorola business class two-way radios.

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