Easily Master Your waitlist, reservations, staff & table Management! Increase efficiency AND your profits! Send text messages to your guests letting them know when their table is ready.

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HostConcepts® Carryout Management

HostConcepts® Curbside Care

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SmartCall Messenger-1

SmartCall Messenger™

MessengerSpecifically designed for healthcare, SmartCall Messenger is HIPPA compliant. Notify patients and customers via pager or text message. Add notes for staff, view wait times and easily integrate your healthcare paging system.

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CloudAlert™ picks up where many third-party apps drop off and takes email alerts and gets the message instantly to your staff, servers and managers via sms text and pagers.

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DirectAlert™  enables your third-party systems, i.e. KDS, or EHR/EMR to send text or pager alerts to your staff, guests or patients when action is needed. 

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