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Motorola Fall 2021 Promotion

Motorola Fall Promotion
Buy 6 same series analog or digital radios, get 1 FREE*
PLUS choose a bonus radio or Motorola Call Box.

Valid: September 1 - December 31, 2021
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motorola two way radios


Motorola CLS 1110/CLS 1410 Series Two Way Radios & Accessories

CLS 1110 and 1410 are small, light and economical two way radios designed for professional use in multiple industries including restaurants, retail stores, churches, hospitals and medical facilities.  With these powerful walkie talkies enable your staff to discreetly stay connected with managers and other staff for efficient operations.

Choose between 1 and 4 channels radios for single or multiple broadcast  options. 

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Motorola CLP eSeries

Motorola CLPe Series Two Way Radios & Accessories

The most compact, lightweight and portable two way radio offering on the market today. Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, retail stores, healthcare and medical facilities where form, fit and function are important.

The CLPe Series is small, lightweight and easy to use with simple one-button push-to-talk (PTT) operation, similar to walkie talkies for communication in an instant.

The smart status glow ring helps reduce missed messages with louder and clearer audio for precise communication between users. All this performance is protected by a rugged radio housing and long-lasting battery.

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motorola two way radios

Motorola DLR Two Way Radios & Accessories

The hand held radio DLR series is ideal for larger facilities including manufacturing, healthcare, medical, warehouses and distribution centers, large retail stores and educational facilities. With the Motorola DLR digital radio walkie talkies your team can quickly and easily communicate to improve operational efficiencies.

This lightweight radio, with its sleek styling, is a simple yet powerful collaboration tool. Its unique features will take your organization to a new level of performance and operational excellence.

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