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Two Way Radios

CLS 1110/CLS 1410 Series Two-Way Radios & Accessories

CLS 1110 and 1410 are small, light and economical two-way radios designed for professional use in multiple industries including restaurants, retail stores, churches, hospitals and medical facilities. Choose between 1 and 4 channel operation.

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Two Way Radio CLP Series

CLP Series Two-Way Radios & Accessories

The most compact, lightweight and portable two-way radio offering on the market today. Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, retail stores, healthcare and medical facilities where form, fit and function are important.

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DLR Two-way business radio

DLR Two-Way Radios

& Accessories

The DLR series is ideal for larger facilities including manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers, large retail stores and educational facilities. DLR Series two-way radios provide clear, digital communication quickly to your team members.

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