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Radio Call Button



Easy Assist Radio Call Button

Help your customers and employees reach you quickly with the EasyAssist Radio Call Button.  Place this wireless call box anywhere on-site for pre-recorded two-way communication with one or multiple Motorola™ or standard UHF business radios.

Connect directly to your staff's designated  Motorola™  radios with the simple press of a button. The large, attractive call button glows notifying the user that the call is active.  Incredibly intuitive to operate —simply push to transmit and release to listen to the pre-recorded message!  It's also easy to set up with direct programming on the EasyAssist call box or through your PC.


Ideal for retail stores, warehouses, hotels, hospitality centers, restaurants, healthcare and other locations where customers or employees need instant assistance.


Additional Features


1 Channel 

Intuitive button is push-to-transmit and release-to-listen to a pre-recorded message — super easy to use.

Group Communication

Connect directly with one, five, tens, hundreds, thousands of two-way radios at the same with the simple press of a button.

Custom Message

Record your own custom radio message ("Assistance needed at the back door") and button message ("Someone will be with you shortly").

Adjustable Volume Control

Determine the best volume for your business —whether you work in a noisy environment like a warehouse or a quieter one such as a clinic.

Glowing Call Button

Call button glows when the call is active letting the user know they are engaged in communication.


Easy Programming

LCD menu programming on EasyAssist call box or from your PC.  Lockable interface prevents tampering.




Radio Frequency

  • User selectable frequencies (452Mhz- 470Mhz)
  • Works on any Motorola™ Radio or other UHF analog radio on the same frequency
  • System only transmits when channel is clear
  • Range: 1/2 mile


  • LED (6 AA) replaceable batteries
  • Battery life: 1 year
  • Low battery radio message


  • Customizable messages (local, radio, auxiliary and low battery) 
  • Full analog and digital codes (CTCSS 1-121) 
  • Illuminated button with slow glow  


  • Works with any UHF analog radios that are programmed on the frequency range of 452-470 MHz 
  • Use on unlimited number of radios


  • Wall Mount-Ready (optional mounting bracket)
  • Pole Mount Ready (optional mounting bracket)
  • No tools required

System Display 

  • Push for Assistant Notification
  • Customizable graphics (3 included)
  • LCD screen for easy user-programming

Call Button

Easy Assist Radio Call Button

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Length: 7.61 inches 

Width: 4.56 inches

Height: 1.52 inches


Motorola™ Radios

Try these Motorola two-way radios with your EasyAssist Radio Call Button:

Motorola CLS Radio

Motorola CLS Series


Motorola CLP Radio

Motorola CLP Series

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