SmartCall Alert

Visual Color-Coded Paging

The SmartCall Alert pager offers the most flexible hands-free pager available. With numerous combinations of audible, visual and vibration combinations, you can customize how you communicate with your guests and staff to fit your exact needs.
By adding four colors to the LCD screen, the person wearing the pager can receive color-coded visual alerts. Sounds and vibration can be programmed in multiple combinations to signal a new message and the coordinating alphanumeric text message can provide additional instructions or information. 
SmartCall Alert Paging System Datasheet


  • Four Programmable Colors with Associated Messages
  • Clear Four Line Text Messages with Optional Keyboard
  • Beep and Buzz When message is received
  • Excellent Coverage with Minimal Interference

Color Alert

Four Color Screen

Programmable Color Screen in four colors to alert staff and guests quickly and hands-free.  Send Andon process alerts to a wearable pager.

Pager with Message Callout- Transparent Background

Alphanumeric Text

Send full text messages in large buildings with two-mile coverage and no interference,  Create up to 10 predefined messages.

Alert Type Diagram

Alert Type

Program any of seven combinations to augment your color and text choices.  Personalize to meet the needs of your business.

Industry Use Cases: 


Improve safety in your facility while improving efficiency with flexible communication.  SmartCall Alert Pagers will be a major addition to your emergency action plan. Notify your workers hands-free with color-coded and text messages in loud work areas with spotty cell phone coverage.

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Discretely notify your medical staff with urgent or pertinent information using one of several different notification types including pre-programmed color and message alerts.  Use as a guest pager for hearing and sight impaired patients and family.

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With staff shortages at an all time high, quick and hands-free communication is crucial.  SmartCall Alert can be preprogrammed with colors, audible/vibe and text messages that fit your food and beverage service needs.  

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Move minimum staff quickly around your facility.  Multiple predefined alert types can be created to handle the different service requests of your customers.  Help your staff multi-task and keep your customers happy with a SmartCall Alert Paging or Push Button System.

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On-site customer service is challenging with staff shortages.  Alert staff & managers of customer needs with programmable notifications. Expand with push buttons to allow your shoppers to call sales representatives to different areas of your store such as dressing rooms and order pick-up.

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Give your club or resort general manager a tool to help them employ a clear communication strategy with staff. Multi-tasking is key to success and SmartCall Alert is a flexible staff pager system that allows the GM to create messaging the fits an unpredictable environment.

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