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SmartCall Alert


The SmartCall Alert pager offers the most flexible pager available. Customized background colors and alphanumeric text messages deliver the most effective, long-range notification system for hearing impaired, noisy and hands-free warehouses and manufacturing plants.

  • Forklift Operators Communication
  • Hearing-Impaired - Vibration and Color-Coded Alerts
  • Machinery Andon Notifications
  • Supplement Emergency and Evacuation Alerts
  • Truck Driver Visual and Text instructions

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Virtual Service Kiosk

Call for Service Digital Notification Buttons

Add another layer of effective communication to your warehouse or manufacturing facility by positioning the VSK QR Codes in various locations. Each QR Code includes up to five programmable digital buttons. Buttons can be combined with our warehouse best-selling SmartCall Alert Pagers to page the right person to the right place minimizing downtime.

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Custom Solutions

At JTECH we understand that every facility is unique. Whether you are trying to solve a simple communication issue or you need a whole facility, multiple scenario system, we have you covered.  Shop our online store for popular out of the box paging, texting and waitlist options or request a meeting with one of our product experts. 


SmartCall Alert with ES and Coast Button - Forklift to Line 1
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SmartCall Messenger Waitlist App

Improve operational efficiency and truck driver satisfaction. Track and manage wait times, appointment flow.  Send notifications via pager or text to drivers and staff when ready for loading or unloading.

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SmartCall Coaster Square

SmartCall Coaster Pager

Fully programmable pager with highly visible LED screen with alpha-numeric messaging. 

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SmartCall IQ - Warehouse Message - Square

SmartCall IQ® Pager

Fully programmable pager with highly visible LED screen with alpha-numeric messaging.

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2-Way Radios

Motorola CLS, DLR and CLP two-way radios are a cost-effective way to quickly notify managers, drivers, and staff for maximum warehouse efficiency.

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Paging For Hearing Impaired

Our lightweight alpha-numeric pager conveniently clips on your clothing for quick and easy messaging. Update your logistics team when it comes to shipping, stocking and more.

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Push Button Pagers

Quickly alert drivers, managers, warehouse personnel and more with the push button. Push button pagers are a great way to get instant communication and notify your team.

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Motorola Digital Call Box

EasyAssist Radio Call Buttons

Connect directly to your staff's designated  Motorola™ radios with the simple press of a button. The large, attractive call button glows notifying the user that the call is active.

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StaffCall IQ Pager Warehouse_Hires - Square

StaffCall IQ Pager

This pager features tone or vibe notifications and has out-of-range alerts.

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Need an Expert

Let one of our Customer Success Managers help you build a warehouse, manufacturing or logistics system tailored to your specific needs.  We can provide you with multiple options and a quote with quick shipping and expert 24/7 support.