Experience the flexibility and growth potential of JTECH's scalable medical paging systems. Whether you need a simple pager or an integrated hospital and clinic paging system, our healthcare solutions are designed to adapt to your business and patient needs.

Create a tranquil and peaceful environment in your hospital or clinic with our healthcare pagers. Give your guests the freedom to explore the gift shop or grab a bite at the cafeteria, knowing that they will never miss their appointment.

Put your trust in the industry leader of patient and staff communications since 1988.

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Patient Management System

SmartCall Messenger™

Waitlist Management with Text and Paging. Safely and discreetly manage patients and loved-ones waiting onsite or curbside with text or pagers alerts when it is their turn for care.

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Keep in touch with patients as they navigate their appointments.

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Promote social distancing and allow patients to wait off-premises.

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Effortlessly connect with your team in a secure, swift, and confidential manner.

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Enhance productivity while minimizing operational expenses and labor costs.

JTECH offers many different types of communication devices for your staff and physicians. They can be setup to work with our SmartCall Messenger software, various transmitters, physical and virtual call buttons. We also have integration partners that can send messages to our pagers.


Keep managers and staff in the loop with instant messaging on our alpha-numeric and numeric pagers. Stay effortlessly informed with vital updates and crucial information.

Our alpha-numeric and numeric pagers are not only built to last but also equipped with AAA batteries that can be easily replaced by you. Say goodbye to the hassle of charging stations. 

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The SmartCall Alert pager offers the most flexible hands-free pager available. With numerous combinations of audible, visual and vibration combinations, you can customize how you communicate with your guests and staff to fit your exact needs.
By adding four colors to the LCD screen, the person wearing the pager can receive color-coded visual alerts. Sounds and vibration can be programmed in multiple combinations to signal a new message and the coordinating alphanumeric text message can provide additional instructions or information.

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The StaffCall IQ® server pager is designed as the most robust pager for your paging system. Inform staff by sending detailed text messages with up to 7 lines of text. Save time by automating communications with up to 10 pre-programmable text or image alerts.

If a sleek look and feel are important to you, the full color display and low profile belt clip gives a first-class impression. Show off your brand with a custom jpeg logo visible on the display screen.

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Looking for effective two-way verbal communication solutions for your organization? Look no further than JTECH! With a range of options tailored to your specific needs, we are proud to be an Authorized Motorola Dealer and offer the top-notch JTECH Extend series of business radios. Our competitive pricing is just the beginning - we also provide a wide range of accessories including headsets and batteries. 

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Staff and Provider Medical Pagers and Radios

Improve the effectiveness of your healthcare facility with our dependable healthcare push button paging systems. Designed for medical offices, clinics, dental care, and eye care offices, our long-lasting, wireless systems deliver messages discreetly to the intended recipient at precisely the right moment.

Choose from two different types of units to meet your specific needs. Both options provide exceptional range and coverage, setting the industry standard. Our systems operate legally and interference-free with 12 FCC Shared License Frequencies, guaranteeing seamless communication.


Easily reach out to your staff using our dependable wireless call buttons with impressive long-range capabilities. Our push button transmitters are perfectly designed for efficient and rapid one-way communication, especially when dealing with high volumes. Discover more about our advanced features.

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Our HIPPA compliant Push Button Paging solutions allow for instant and discreet communication between staff members throughout your healthcare facility.  These wireless push button transmitters can be placed virtually anywhere to help speed processes, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

Paired with our compact staff pagers, doctors are able to easily and discreetly call staff when assistance is needed. Push Button Paging also enhances communication between departments.

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Audible, Vibe and Message

Ensure patients are promptly notified when it's their turn for care. Perfect for venues that restrict cell phone usage or have limited cellular connectivity.

JTECH  jumps ahead of the line with the QuietCall IQ® paging system — a forward leap in technology that sets a new standard for patient flow management.

QuietCall IQ paging system on-site management provides time and money savings that will forever change the way you renumber and program patient pagers. QuietCall IQ® pagers are rechargeable and the battery is user-replaceable. 

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The QuietCall® digital coaster pager is stackable and a great space-saving solution. The charger fully charges up to 15 pagers in 2 hours. The pagers feature user-replaceable batteries for maximum uptime saving you time and money.

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Experience instant communication with our state-of-the-art SmartCall™ Coaster Paging System. Keep your guests or patients informed with a choice of flash, beep, or vibration notifications. Seamlessly stay connected, streamline operations, and enhance workplace productivity.

The SmartCall™ Coaster pager is a leading choice among the healthcare, restaurant, and warehouse industries. Discover why it's one of our best-selling communication solutions. Learn More.

Our SmartCall IQ healthcare pager is a leap forward in paging technology that improves efficiency. Discreetly notify your patients instantly with a unique, 4-line, alpha-numeric message, flash, beep or vibration. This high contrast blue and red LED paddle pager is accessibility-friendly so alerts can be easily be seen by those with low vision. 

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Healthcare Guest Paging Composite All
Nurse with Bands and Messages - Small

The Newest Technology in Staff Paging and Notification

  • Sleek,Wearable Watch Pager
  • Discreet, Powerful Messaging
  • Receive and Acknowledge Messages from LinkWear Hub
  • Integrate with Other Systems for Centralized Communication
  • Manage Tasks for different Roles and Staff Members
  • Optional Call Buttons and Guest Paging
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Seeking a Personalized Solution?

We recognize that every healthcare facility is unique in terms of its size, purpose, requirements, and financial resources. This is precisely why we have assembled a team of specialists who will assist you in creating a customized communication system that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and preferences.