Healthcare & Hospital Paging Systems

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Stay connected with patients as they navigate appointments.

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Enable social distancing and off-premises patient waiting.

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Communicate with staff reliably, quickly and discreetly.

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Improve efficiency and reduce operation and labor costs.

JTECH offers scalable medical paging systems that grow with your business and patient needs. From a simple pager to integrated hospital and clinic paging systems, our healthcare solutions are flexible and designed to grow with your practice.

Maintain a calm and serene atmosphere in your hospital or clinic with healthcare pagers. Allow your guests to visit the gift store or cafeteria with peace of mind knowing that they won’t miss their appointment.

  • Trust the leader in patient and staff communications since 1988


What's new for Guest and Staff Communication?


SmartCall Messenger™
Waitlist Management & Text

Safely and discreetly manage patients waiting onsite or curbside with text or pagers alerts when it is their turn for care.

→ Connect with patients, customers and employees via text and pager
→ Coordinate curbside clients and delivery staff
→ Send and receive messages via SMS text
→ Message and send alerts via alphanumeric pagers 
→ View reporting for operations, productivity and wait time management
→ Secure communications with HIPAA compliant messaging

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Virtual Service Kiosk for HEALTHCARE
Push for Service Buttons that Go

JTECH has always been a leading provider of call button paging systems for clinics, optometrists and doctor's offices. Although traditional physical buttons are a great solution for paging lab technicians, nurses and doctors, our new button paging notification system provides additional flexibility without complicated reprogramming. Other areas that did not have paging buttons in the past can now easily give patients a smoother visit. For example: insurance consultant, custodian, check-in and restrooms.

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Built to Last Guest Pager

We already offer the industry leading QuietCall® Paging System with the reliable, durable, FCC Licensed Coaster pagers for healthcare. If your facility needs an even more rugged pager, the QuietCall®Coaster Extreme is the solution. This new pager is so rugged that we are putting our money where our mouth is and offering an EXTREME WARRANTY. 

Rubber Bumper for Shock Absorbption
Water Resistant and Cleaner Friendly Housing 
Impervious to Chips and Scratches
Two Year No Questions Asked Pager Warranty

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SmartCall Alert


The SmartCall Alert pager offers the most flexible pager available. Customized background colors and alphanumeric text messages deliver the most efficient notification system for hospitals, clinics, eyecare centers and urgent care.  Use as Guest Paging for extra flexibility and options.

  • Push for service system for specific patient rooms, lab, x-ray etc.
  • Send emergency and evacuation alerts.
  • Send coded messages to staff when customers have arrived.
  • Various notification combinations to the right staff with the right information.

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Healthcare Communication Solutions

We have the tools to build a custom solution for any facility!


Two-way Staff Communication
Motorola Two-Way Radios

When two-way or complex communication is needed Motorola radios will keep your team connected.  Also ideal for keeping curbside and on-site staff connected.

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Patient Communications
Patient Pagers

Notify patients when it is their turn for care with audible, vibe and alpha-numeric alerts.  Ideal for clinics, check-in offices, and labs.

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Curbside Patient Arrival Alert
FindMe with Arriva™

Enable patients to notify your staff when they arrive curbside so you can provide care while patients conveniently wait in their vehicle.

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Alert Staff When Assistance Is Needed Healthcare Call Buttons

Keep your team connected for optimal patient flow.  With the push of a button alert staff when support is needed.  1 and 3 button options.   

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Staff Communication Solutions
Staff Pagers

Keep your departmental and inter-departmental staff connected with critical alerts, patient status and patient flow management.

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Custom and Coded Messaging
Alpha Numeric Pagers

Alpha-numeric pagers are ideal for sending custom or coded messages discreetly and instantly.  Choose silent, vibration or audible alerts.

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Email Received Text/Page Alert  

Integrates with third-party apps and systems to instantly notify staff via text (SMS) or pager when an emailed notification is received and needs action. Keep your staff connected.  

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Open Door Alert
LinkWear Wireless Alert

Get an alert when patients or staff open a door, closet or storage area. Ideal for monitoring patients access to waiting rooms and restricted areas. 

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Paging Features & Integration 
Paging & Text Transmitters

Choose from a broad selection of transmitters for extended range and the features and integration capabilities you need.  Upgrade your staff and patient communications.

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Direct Alert

EHR/EMR Text/Page Alert DirectAlert™

DirectAlert enables Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) systems that can send 1-10 digits to convert notifications to text (SMS) messages or pager alerts to staff or patients.

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Clear-Com COVID-19-1

Non-touch Wireless 
InterCom Systems

Scalable for small facilities, labs and distributed teams. Non-touch wireless systems configured to your requirements and 3rd party and phone system interfaces.

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Let one of our Customer Success Managers help you build a warehouse, manufacturing or logistics system tailored to your specific needs.  We can provide you with multiple options and a quote with quick shipping and expert 24/7 support.