EasyVu® Table Location System

EasyVu Table and Guest Tag Black

Enable servers and staff to accurately locate guests and provide services quicker — leading to higher profit margins.  Precise table location technology is helping restaurants provide services and food delivery faster. Happy customers are return customers and that is especially true for the hospitality industry. With the fast-casual dining trend on the rise, restaurants are competing for speed and convenience. EasyVu can be used not only as a table tracker, but can also send a page to customers waiting for take out when their food is ready for pick up.

In healthcare, EasyVu® provides operational benefits by enabling staff a reliable way to locate, track and page visitors and family members throughout the facility.

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EasyVu® offers a simple and cost effective solution for quickly locating and paging guests. Improve customer satisfaction with speedy service.

Guest & Visitor Locator 

Identifies in real time exactly where a guest is located.

Customizable Map

Design your own layout to fit your location using our simple drawing tool built in the system.

Paging & Tracking

Use the same system for paging guests and tracking them! 

Data Log Capability

Data log capability for best business decisions based on performance analytics.

Highly Accurate

Unlike other guest location systems, EasyVu® has unsurpassed location accuracy.

Easy & Flexible Setup

No other guest location system is as easy to set up and flexible to use. The adhesive NFC location card can be installed & moved anywhere.


System Components 

  • EasyVu® Gateway

  • EasyVu® Guest Locator

  • EasvyVu® Charger

  • EasvyVu® NFC Card

  • 2-in-1 Notebook Tablet (Optional)

  • NFC Card Writer (Optional)

EasyVu Gateway 

  • Carrier Frequency: 420 - 470 MHZ

  • FCC, IC, CE, RCM

  • RF Output: up to 11 dBm

  • Range: Up to 250 meters


  • 14.4W 

  • Power Supply: + 12VDC, 1A, 01.35 (Standard Plug)

EasyVu Guest Locator

  • Low Battery Melody 

  • Out-of-Range Notification 

  • Alert Type: Vibrate | LED  

EasyVu NFC Card

  • NFC Frequency Band: 13.56MHz

  • Recognition Distance: Max: 5[cm]/2 [in] max

  • Weight: 5g



FUSION5 10.1 Inch PC Windows 10 Tablet

OS: Windows 10 OS
CPU: Upgraded Intel Quadcore AtomTM x5-Z8350 Processor
GPU: Intel HD Graphic (Gen7) 
Storage: 64GB (Part of Storage is Pre-Occupied by OS)
Memory: 4GB RAM
External Storage: Accepts up to 128GB TF-card (not included)
Camera: Dual Camera (2MP and 5MP)
Network: Supports Wireless N (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0
What’s in the Box: Fusion5 FWIN232+ Windows Tablet pc, AC Adapter, USB Cable and User Manual


Easyvu TopView Small


Diameter: 4.13 inches 

Thickness: .59 inches

Weight: .20 lbs

EasyVu Coaster Tower and Charger Black 2024 - Small


Diameter: 4.13 inches

Thickness: .78 inches

Weight: .22 lbs

EasyVu Gateway Transmitter No Plugs v1_450px


Length: 4.5 inches 

Width: 5.5 inches 

Height: 1.45 inches 

Weight: .40 lbs

EasyVu Tag


Length: 3.34 inches

Width: 2.12 inches

Thickness: .04 inches

Weight: .002 lbs

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