Safely Manage Curbside, Carryout & To Go Orders and Deliver a Great Guest Experience

HostConcepts® Curbside, Carryout & To Go Order Management

During this challenging time restaurants have been asked to practice social distancing and temporarily suspend dine-in service.  To continue to serve guests many restaurants have made adjustments to their operations in order to offer Carryout and To Go service. 

These operational changes in themselves can be daunting! 

We Can Help - We Have A Solution!

HostConcepts Waitlist & Text can be used as your interim management solution for Curbside, Carryout and To Go orders.  Easily text guests when their carryout order is taken with pickup instructions AND receive alerts when guests arrive with a description of their vehicle so your staff can deliver food safe and fast!!  

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When dine-in service and in-store purchasing resumes you can easily transition to traditional Guest Waitlist Management and add Reservations, Table & Staff Management - no additional hardware and no downtime.  

HostConcepts® Can Help:

  • Track carryout order status and guest arrival

  • Text guests when carryout order is ready for pick-up 

  • Receive alerts when the guest arrives with a description of their vehicle

  • Enable you to deliver food "hot and fast" directly to the guest's vehicle


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HostConcepts Carryout

Custom Carryout Order Confirmation

Text your guest to confirm receipt of their carryout order with order pick-up instructions.  

HC Carryout - Waitlist Screen


Track Carryout Orders Progress & Guest Arrival 

Track all Carryout orders' status and guest arrival on one screen.


HostConcepts Carryout

Text Guests When Order is Ready for Pick-up

Send a customized text to guests to let them know their order is ready for pick-up.

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HostConcepts Carryout Management
Set-Up Guide 

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