Motorola DLR Headsets

From discreet surveillance earpieces to Bluetooth swivel earpieces, speak and listen freely with DLR headsets. Enjoy a minimalist design with the best quality on the market.


Motorola DLR In-Line Microphone

Comfortable for extended wear, this compact
and durable accessory allows users to receive
communication discreetly. This d-style earpiece has
an in-line microphone and push-to-talk button for
convenient and quick radio access while on the go.



Motorola DLR Swivel Earpiece

Comfortable flexible earpiece is designed for
all-day wear. Its in-line push-to-talk feature makes
communication easy when your radio is not readily

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Motorola DLR Surveillance Earpiece

This optional single-wire earpiece offers a combined microphone and push-to-talk capabilities. Includes a clear acoustic tube and rubber ear tip for extended wear comfort.

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Motorola Remote Speaker Mic

Remote speaker microphone easily clips onto a
shirt or collar, allowing you to speak and listen
without having to reach for your radio.



DLR two-way radio headsets are a great way to stay connected. Retail, restaurants, hospitality or surveillance, choose an earpiece headset that's right for you.